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    "This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time" — Fight Club

    So, you might be asking what this idea you have then?

    Happy that you asked as it's a mix of mangas I've read and found interesting over the usual stuff. There are three in total that I've gained inspiration for.

    DeadTube| A very... 'interesting' Seinen manga series written by Mikoto Yamaguch. It's very graphic and doesn't shy away from showing that the world isn't happy. It draws inspiration from various forms of media like Youtube, Streaming, and other modern media mixed with a heavy dose of the internet's darker side. It touches on many themes most people don't like to address, i.e. (Murder, Rape, Trauma, Manipulation, Torture, etc.) If you've got the stomach for it, I recommend reading it.

    Lookism| A Korean Manhwa created in 2014 by former author and Ulzaang Taejoon Park. A webcomic series that delves into how discrimination is based on a person's attractiveness. The character experiences the world's unfairness and hate, while also seeing the kindness and individual treatment through the other. Their new body takes them through numerous life experiences from becoming a miniature celebrity, a trainee for an entertainment company, and modeling for clothes. However, once the day turns to night, this rosy dream turns back into a harsh reality of what the world is after.

    Household Affairs| To break it down to avoid the apparent cliche title, the Neglected wife commits adultery with the delivery boy, but unbeknownst to her husband is an assassin. Beyond that, the story has a twist and turns more focused on the husband, living a double life. I didn't care for the infidelity/cheating aspect as it becomes mundane too and pushed to the side when the wife isn't involved.

    Synopsis of my idea #Killstagram

    (YC) Your character has everything -- she's super pretty, has the best brand sponsorships on social media, and gets 10,000 likes within seconds of posting a selfie. If there is something, YC doesn't like all it will take: is a single tweet to have them either ruined, wrapped around her finger, or apologizing publicly. An entitled brat who expects to get everything because she's beautiful. YC is surprised that after half a year, someone is moving next door from her luxurious apartment. (MC) My character doesn't fit into the world she's created and tries to do the usual routine, but can't find anything on him no matter how hard she tries. This leads to her entire world being twisted upside down in the worst way one night when following him night learning MC's secret and being dragged into his world.

    If you expect this to be a highly sexual story, then I can tell you that this isn't my aim right now. I'm leaning towards story then smut, so if that is what you're looking for, I'm not the one for you. This is about bringing someone into a world parallel where people do awful things for fame, money, and the sheer thrill of it.

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    //Sigh, the new next door neighbour is a complete ass//

    //I wonder if I can dig up some dirt about them//

    *stalks the window*

    //oh it's a guy, let me search up some stuff//

    //wait there's nothing?? //

    //sigh, im just going to post a tweet on twitter//

    twitter : new neighbour, looks ugly, hes also a creep, caught him staring at me (insert photo of him). Hopes he get kicked out soon. #shittyneighbour #uglybitch

    //Yawn, tired, time to sleep, hopefully that ass moves out tmr, hehe// 

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    So that's not what I meant by commenting on this. I would like to have a conversation and plan out things not just jump in.

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    I am looking for someone willing to go down this dark rabbit hole with me. I promise it will be a wild ride.

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