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    Hello! I am looking for a female to play a role in one of the many RP ideas I have. I have been RPing for a few years now so these are either ideas that I had a great time with or new ones that I have been wanting to try out! Most of my ideas do involve age play but if you are not into that then we can always change it. None of these are set in stone and any of them can be changed so don't be afraid to ask! 

    1. My first idea is you would play a highschool girl who is in desperate need of cash so she goes around the school and offers her self up to teachers and students in exchange for cash. The girl can be a total slut or a virgin that is in a tight spot, that part is up to you.

    2. The second piggy backs off the first where you still need money, but this time you would go and find random strangers and ask them for cash in exchange for sex

    3. you play a school girl on a train and on your way to school/or on your way home, a molester comes up and starts to play with you. At first you hate it but soon you realize that you love being touched in public and find yourself riding the train wearing more proactive clothing and trying to get men to touch you

    4. You would be playing the part of a newly hired secretary for a large corporation. Your duties involve answering phone calls, setting up meetings, and keeping the schedule of your boss. Everything is going great until your boss starts to make subtle advances towards you, which is fine until they aren't to subtle.... What do you do? How do you react? Do you like it and try to create a secret office romance? Or maybe you don't and now you are faced with an ultimatum.

    5. My last idea has you wanting to rebel against your parents so you start hanging out with a bad crowd of boys from school. One day you skip school with them and find yourself tagging along to pick up some drugs, the dealer likes you and offers to buy trade for you and the boys happily accept 

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