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  • [M4F] A Pokephilia Love Collection



    I have different humans in mind for each of these, so I'll refrain from posting an image with each. Also these are written with the human being male and pokemon being female.


    Happy Not Actually Ever After


    After exploring the world together for so many years, it would only be natural that feelings would develop. And once those feelings were out in the open, it was only a matter of time before the current situation would happen. Only 2 days removed from the wedding in our characters' home region, both of those days spent travelling on the boat, our characters have arrived at the one and only port city in the region of Marat, the town of Faesh. A house on the outskirts of the port city, near where the city ends and route to the next town begins, awaits our characters. It wasn't cheap, but having defeated 24 gym leaders spread across 3 regions and almost beating the elite four in one brings with it quite a bit of cash.

    This is where our characters are planning on settling down and spending the rest of their lives together. While pokemon and human marriage isn't outright illegal in Marat, almost no town in the region will officiate a wedding between a pokemon and a human, and our characters are treated differently because of their relationship. Whether it's their old neighbors calling the police on them any chance they get, or a karen of a housewife complaining to the young 14 year old (if 10 year olds can legally go exploring the world and participating in battles with creatures that can destroy mountains, then they can buy houses and get married) about how what our characters do is disgusting, how she can't believe her kids have to see this, and how my character is just confused and hasn't met the right human yet, or even people that are willing to get more violent with showing their disgust. They will try to live their best lives in Faesh.


    As you can tell from the little plot synopsis, it'll be a slice of life thing. And I'm all for, and even sort of requiring, that your character, the pokemon, is able to actually talk. Whether it is a thing pokemon can just do or this one is special, just have the pokemon talk.

    I also have an idea if we want to have this be really long term with one day they wake up and there's an egg in their bed. But unlike pokemon eggs which take a week at most to hatch, this one takes nine months but just ends up being a normal baby of whatever the base species for your character is.


    Misunderstood Hypno


    We all know of the Hypno on Three Island that kidnapped a girl. But what if that story was wrong. What if the Hypno didn't kidnap children, but the children willingly went with the Hypno to play? One day the Hypno wants to try a new game with one of the boys that came to play with her. A game she has seen adults play together near her home in the woods. A game that she has seen some adults play with the some of the kids that visit her. That game, of course, is sex but the Hypno nor the boy know that. So they play the game and the boy wants to keep doing it day after day. How suspicious will his parents get when he keeps coming home later and later, dirty knees and hands, wrinkled clothes, and a strange odor?


    Nagatoro, but Pokemon and also more real


    Our characters go to a human and pokemon high school. Your character is a delinquent and a bully, and so are her friends. Well, their favorite victim is my character. A human with no friends that likes to keep to himself. He can't stand up for himself and is just a bully magnet. Well, on a dare your character asks out mine. Well, it's less like asking out and more like claiming as her own. That night MC receives a text from YC. Even though he never gave her his phone or his number, and he doesn't have any friends she can get his number from. YC confirms she's serious about the relationship and starts bringing him along to hang out with her friends. But that's the only time they're together, apart from their nightly texting. And MC still gets bullied, but YC slowly stops participating in it. She still bullies others, just not him.

    One day, the bullying from her friends goes a bit too far. MC gets shoved into a corner, YC's friends laugh as MC starts to cry, and they look ready to beat him up pretty badly. YC intervenes, telling her friends to stop and that MC is "off-limits" from here on out. And if they do anything to him again, they'll pay. A fight ensues and even though YC is pretty hurt (bruises, bloody and probably broken nose, maybe a couple missing teeth), she wins. After this, she helps MC learn to stick up for himself and to try to be more people friendly. At the same time, MC helps YC start becoming a member of society. Helping her study, helping learn to hold back, and overall less of a delinquent.



    I will update this as more ideas come to mind


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