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    Hello, I am a veteran male writer, feeling the urges to write again and here I have a couple of prompts! First of all, lemme talk about myself yeah? I started my ERP journey 7 years ago, and roleplaying actually improved my English more than my school did, I write multi-para and I expect the same from my partner. Though, I ain't extremely picky about the writing length if the quality is good enough, after all we all know that Quality>Quantity! 


    1# This one is a long term and I am gonna have only a few going on, I want to build a world and make many characters in it, for us both to control or it will be ya, since duh, who doesn't like harem building? Greed is a sin, and I am a sinner in this regard. as for what kind of world is this, we can work on it together, either an isekai themed plot or just some pirate and treasure seeking story, gathering more crew members and facing more enemies! Though it will be filled with lewds ofcourse! And yes, we can work on fandoms, One Piece being one of my favorites, we can still discuss other fandoms!


    2# This one is the shorter term, more casual and lust filled events, we will fuck and ain't gonna worry about the rest yeah? Though in all honesty, my ideal plot for this one will be something with a lot of causality in it, casual sex between roommates, perhaps some FwB kind of relationship, maybe neighbours spending the day together every long boring saturday, on the same couch they fucked on many times before, lazy morning sex and lazy during the day blowjobs. Just a place where ya will get comfortable and let loose. This one is very flexible, and very lewd as well!


    I am a casual writer, I am not looking for novilla writers as I am rusty for that, and I am looking to spend this 1 week holiday gaming and roleplaying, I am not big crazy on kinks, and have the usual limits. Though, most say I have some weakness in this regard, ain't gonna spill 'em out yet! My discord [MOD REMOVED: Section 14 Violating Content, Removed] thanks for reading!

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    Hey I'm down to do some discussion with your rp idea I think I may have something we would both enjoy I added you on discord when you see this message so don't be too alarmed. The username is [MOD REMOVED: Section 14 Violating Content, Removed]

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