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    Hello everybody. Not much to say about me. Looking for a sub. This will be a group roleplay with two or three Players. I already have one Player interested and was looking for more. I will be playing a DM type role for the game and will be playing multiple characters. For sexual encounters within the roleplay, I primarily play Males, but I can also play Females & Futas. We will be using an original Game System I created and playing on Discord. My Discord username will be given over PM. The Game System is a bit heavy so please look over it.   

    What I'm Looking For In A Partner:

    • Someone to play as a female. 
    • Someone who contributes to the story and world building. Don't be afraid to add things and please don't leave all the work to me. This is a collaborative effort.
    • Someone who doesn't mind a slow partner.

    The Kind of Kinks I Enjoy:

    Monster Girls
    Mind Break
    Breast Expansion
    Hand Holding
    Energy / Life / Power Drain
    Maebari / Vaginal Sticker / Protective Barrier
    Womb Tattoos

    An Deeper Explanation of A Few Unusual Kinks I Have

    When it comes to kinks, they come in a variety of flavors. Some are so widely common and known that even the most vanilla person is aware of it. Others are bizarre or unsettling enough that anyone who enjoys are often looked down upon by their fellow degenerate peers. There do exist, however, kinks so incredibly niche that few are aware they exist at all. Finding material of them is often near impossible due to their rarity or lack of any proper label. Trying to find someone to roleplay with it can be equally as difficult as few people will have any interest in participating in it.

    Here's a few of mine.

    Energy / Life / Power Drain

    This particular kink involves a character having an important intangible part of themselves taken away from them and are consequently rendered helpless. It is usually done forcibly through sexually means, but it can be a consensual act. Although it does have a name, it is outright impossible to find any naughty materiel by directly searching for it. This kink can be found paired with Monster Girls of the MGE variety and very rarely with plots involving Heroines.

    Maebari / Vaginal Sticker / Protective Barrier

    Unlike the other one, this kink doesn't have an actual label. Maebari is the closest equivalent to it I could find and it in itself is a fairly niche kink. Basically, Maebari is a strip of cloth that goes over a girl's bare crotch by means of an adhesive substance. It was once used as a crude form of censorship, but has since became its own fetish item. Such beautiful irony.

    The kink I'm talking about, while it can involve using something to cover the crotch, it is primarily about having a fantastical means of protection against being penetrated and impregnated by perverted monsters or demons. For example, a Shrine Maiden covering herself with a protective talisman. Or an Angel having divine protection that perseveres her purity. Or a Magical Girl with a spell that creates a magical barrier.

    What really gets my engine revving about this kink is the process of having that protection stripped from the unfortunate heroine as she futilely struggles against the vile villain. It's the journey of the heroine slowly surrendering to the pleasures of the flesh and her fall that I find extremely hot. The impregnation and loss of her purity at the end is simply the cherry on top.


    The Collector

    Background & Idea Pics (NSFW)

    Terminology & Lore (NSFW)


    Power Core/Devil's Blessings


    Lewd Game System (NSFW)



    The following are not requirements, but would make me happy: 

    • Willing to play a character wearing a 'Reverse Outfit Power Armor'. Women wearing amazingly impractical 'armor' really turns me on. 
    • Willing to play a ranged or magical girl / mage character to help round out the other Player's physical focused character. 
    • Be interested engaging in sexual roleplay against other female and/or futa characters. 

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