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    Public Service Report:

    Desperate for Love? Having no luck in the dating game? Tired of all the mixed signals and "romance"? Of course you are! Who wouldn't be! I have news for you, our company has new listings of Mail Order brides for you Today! Skip the games, leave it to the young kids. In just one simple order you can be put in contact with these lovely ladies. They're desperate for love, and are all perfect wife material you can take home to the parents! We'll even write you a "how we met" story so you don't have to lie to them. They're here, they want you, why not give true love a chance? From over 7,000 Miles. 

    Take a look at some of our recent wives to be: 


    Honoka Ryo, 21

    Don't let her young appearance fool you, Honoka is a university graduate from Zheng Zhou University where she studied Nursing. Ryo is a native Chinese girl with strong family oriented values. She puts her family first which is why she's chosen to leave China to expand her family's horizons.

    There is certainly no further implications of her actions other than strong traditional goals. Did we mention she's cute as a button? 


    Valykri Yahontov, 22

    Hailing from the Motherland of Russia, Valykri is a darling who prioritizes her partner first. Her focus has always been providing for her partner and local community. Just look at her squat, simply elegant.

    Her involvement with local politics has always brought happiness to her family. She makes an excellent Bliny(Crepe). 


    Yoko Mio, 19

    Back to the more promising of our ladies, Yoko is a South Korean girl who has mastered the kitchen and can cook any meal her partner could possibly want. Her small size, and big heart are sure to warm any house she cares for.

    Why not give an innocent traveler a chance? Look at those darling eyes. Such innocence. 


    Athena Alanis, 21

    A Greek girl with a passion for nature and the outdoors. She loves sports and was a gymnast in school. Having finished her studies on Family Psychology she's rearing to rear one of her own. 

    Her inquisitive open heart holds no secrets. She's the kind of vault you can lock your own mysteries away in and never fear their release. 


    Sophia Jones, 24

    A participant who actually went out of her way to be as involved in the mail order process as possible, Sophia is a girl from the United States who? She, well. She's definitely interesting. We weren't accounting on her at all. Why don't we just let her explain in her own words. 

    "My name is Sophia, I'm looking into this program because I really am desperate for love. You see I lost my legs from the thigh down in a car accident when I was a teen. I've learned to handle it well and I get by extremely well in my everyday life. 

    I'm not a hindrance, I swear. I use prosthetic, wheel chairs, and canes to get around. I'm very active, I exercise daily and keep myself in good shape! I'll be a good wife if you'll give me the chance, I can cook, clean, sew, and I have a 4 year degree in Mechanical Physics. 

    Please give me a chance! I'd love to love you. ❤️"

    Well that's her word not ours. 


    Petra Jones, 21

    Petra is our last member of this group. She's a thoroughly submissive girl who loves government and law enforcement. She is in no way a vandal or problem maker. Don't mind the tattoos and piercings, they're all for a stage show, yeah an act. She's an actor.

    Petra will be a nice wife, just make sure to always feed her the vitamins she needs daily that were included in her package. Good luck ace!


    This Concludes our local listing, please give any one of our excellent ladies a try, if you're disappointed with their performance, we have a no return policy you can make sure to take full advantage of! Have a nice day give us a call at 777-this number-is-fake-555 or text This isn't a scam to 777-wife for a text alert about new participants! 

    abnormal black and white GIF by Okkult Motion Pictures


    (Disclaimer! I in no way encourage this kind of treatment of anybody. I find the idea of Mail Order Brides to be Archaic and grossly inappropriate towards women and their rights. Patriarchy enforcing stereotypes and behaviors in women to negative detriment.

    This is for the sake of a story I'd like to tell with some partners, and I'd like to explore what that negative phenomena was like in a neo dystopian future. So please, this is just a curiosity of mine. Thank you for reading this first.)

    (Further Disclaimer, Sophia is no way meant to make light of paraplegic people nor their struggles. I hope she represents them instead and prejudices some people might have towards them. I love her.)


    Okay, that's enough of that. For real though this is a kinda complex one. If you've made it this far you must be at least casually interested in it. If you picked up on something fishy it's on purpose. All of these cuties have been shipped off to remove them from causing "trouble" in their home countries. Except for Sophia. She's just a sweetie. 

    The setting I have in mind is a near-future dystopia where government societies have cracked down on the local populace to great detriment of their personal freedoms. These girls just so happen to be ones involved in either over throwing the established order, or causing trouble in their local communities. 

    Because of their actions they've all been drugged up, and "removed" from their own cultures in an attempt to "correct" their behavior to more traditional drone attitudes. The only exception as I said before is Sophia who is legitimately seeking love. 

    Allow me to give a brief introduction to each of them for what they're really "in for.":


    Each girl has their own stories from different places, 

    Honoka Ryo-A spy for a local insurgency she infiltrated a school in an attempt to stop a cloning program that copied people but programmed them to follow orders. 

    Valykri Yahontov-A local activist that stood up to a local politician who was going to destroy the last cathedral in Neo-Moscow. 

    Yoko Mio-Caught trying to cross the border to safety she has been tagged as a dangerous citizen wanting to travel the world. Something illegal in this dystopian culture without government approval. 

    Athena Alanis-Athena is actually a spy for the Neo-Greek Government. Her interests are in mimicking other cultures and their behaviors. 

    Petra Jones-A violent activists involved in the Dallas Riots, she was caught trying to throw a Molotov into an abandoned government building.

    Although her actions wouldn't have led to death, she is in dire needs of "reprogramming"  her pills suppress her behavior and memories making her a complacent partner. 


    All of these characters have stories, and I'm really interested in telling them as well as a overarching Science Fiction story. I'd like to give each of them a try. 

    The story doesn't have to be extremely long, but they're stories that can be as long as we'd like. 

    For the stories I'd consider them adventure, sci-fi, and romance. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I generally write smut 😅 But i'm interested in trying something new. If you're into it there could totally be dystopian smut as well. I'm always down for ERP. But that's not the focus of this story. 

    I'd love to give this story a try, I'll GM it, I just need someone to tell it with me. 

    Thanks for reading this book, Message me if you're interested! ❤️


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