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    Hello all! My name is Mercy and I’d love to get to roleplay with you! Here’s a little about me! I play female or male roles and have experience in both. I write one to two paragraphs of quality writing or at least match my partner. I prefer EcchiTexts as my roleplay medium and won’t leave the site for it.


    Interests: Fantasy, medieval/historical, slice of life, modern era. Some pairings I like include boss x secretary, crime boss’s daughter x underling or some other pairing in that scenario, teacher x student, vampire x human. I’m fairly vanilla when it comes to smut. However, don’t let that make you think I only write vanilla! It’s just my preference.


    Potential plots: I’ll edit this section when I think of some good ones!


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    Here’s a scenario I’ve been craving recently. It’s a M x F pairing with me being the male. Male vampire and female human.

    My Dormmate’s a Vampire? (Snazzy title)


    YC started college and got the option for a coed dorm, and got paired with MC. MC is a vampire, and he’s actually searching for his soulmate. A college campus has a lot of potential candidates in a small area, so it is an ideal hunting ground. MC gives off pheromones that attract humans of either sex - mostly to attract a meal rather than a mate. However, YC isn’t affected by the pheromones, making her a perfect candidate for MC’s soulmate. YC despises MC; he attracts too much attention, girls and so on, and she hates it. 

    MC, once he learns his pheromones don’t have an affect on YC, begins to woo her with kind gestures and so on. Will they eventually hook up? It’s up to you. 🙂


    I hope this little blurb catches someone’s eye. Anything can be edited or added on to! Nothing is set in stone. Shoot me a message if interested!

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