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  • Moon's RP Request!

    Hello and welcome to my RP request!

    Firstly, I am not new to RPing at all! I am simply new to this RPing platform. I am more used to RPing on discord or amino or even Project Z! Also, please read my About Me to see my entire list of rules and limits, but I will put the most important ones down below!

    • ------------
    • "Talking"
    • 'Thinking'
    • Actions
    • //OOC\\
    • ------------
    • Past tense (you may do present tense)
    • 3rd person (no using first person)
    • 5+ lines minimum! I can go up to 3 long paragraphs!
    • ------------
    • We can RP on here or on discord! Idm ^^
    • ------------

    Alright now for my actual RP request lol, here it is:

    • Okay, so I've been wanting to use a new OC of mine, which is Myra Volkov. I will send a link to her page below!
    • https://simplebooklet.com/myravolkov
    • She is a switch leaning sub, and she is Bisexual, so males and females welcome to RP with her! Read her info on her page for more details ^^ She's a very fun character to play and to play with, trust me!
    • I don't really have many plots in mind for her, but we can build one together, depending on both of our preferences!

    Hope to see you in my DMs soon!

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