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  • Naruto Universe ( Alternate + Cheating )

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    Naruto Alternated Universe


    I am looking for someone who is able to play the girls from Naruto and even alter how they act due to scenarios changing in the Naruto Universe from the Canon of the Show, basically I am going to be playing my Naruto OC who is half Uzumaki and half Yamanaka he would have been on Orochimaru's team with Anko and whoever their third teammate would have been. Basically things go the same all the way up until Naruto is born that is.

    In this version Minato and Kushina is still alive and takes care of Naruto, Sasuke can though not requried to have one of his parents, also Sarutobi aka Third Hokage died when sealing Kurama inside of Shinobu Yamanaka ( my OC ) who is roughly around Kakashi's age and even helped him along with an injured Obito to save Rin, basically Akatsuki later on is going to be controlled by either Nagato or Orochimaru instead of Tobi aka Obito.

    Now the thing I am looking for in this huge worldbuilding long-term scenario is Story mixed with Smut since I want Shinobu Yamanaka to be fucking the girls throughout the show with help from his lover Anko who is partially damaged due to Orochimaru leaving her so she wants to figure out whether her lover Shinobu will do the same if something 'better' shows up and gives him this little test only to find out she finds it hot that he is fucking those girls and women in the city while no one knows about it other than them

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