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  • Peas in a Pod (male needed/incest warning)

    Hello!! This is an idea that’s been in my mind for a while, so pls bear with me!

    the universe of this rp is heavily inspired by rwby, so there’s a fighting school meant for students, weapons, and dark magical creatures to fight, but depending on the way we progress and/or how much we wanna world build, fighting isn’t too much of a focal point!

    As mentioned in the title, yes this is incest. You play the older brother, a natural prodigy, who ends up gaining a large following and a lot of fans at the new school the siblings end up attending. He doesn’t really care about any of the other girls who fawn over him ((he’d probably fuck one or two but that’s p much it)) and and he doesn’t care that other guys try to make enemies out of him. 
    As cool and nonchalant as he is, he does have one secret. That he is very much in love with, and very much lusting over his younger sister. He’d worship the ground she walks on if he could, but of course, since it is wrong, he bears with it, and just glares at any of the few men who look her way. 

    other than that, you’re free to mold your character as you wish! From his weapon type, his strengths and weaknesses, his hobbies, likes/dislikes, the types of friends he’d make, the girls he’d grow closer to(as friends, not to fall in love with) etc

    Since this takes place in a school where there are other students, it’s okay to make new characters to throw in to make interesting and to have as a cast we can use for whatever!! Also, pls feel free to share ideas with me!! Wether it be plotstuff surrounding the overall world or our characters lemme know!! I’m also down to change stuff, for example if you aren’t into incest we can go the childhood friend route!!

    Sorry this post is all over the place. please read my preferences, and send me a dm if you’re interested!! I think we can make this rp fun, and raunchy when it comes down to it!! 

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