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    The house at the end of the block had always been a hub of activity, ever since a group of boys from the nearby city college rented it out as their unofficial "frat house". Now, every weekend, you could hear the sounds of partying all the way at the opposite end of the street. Music, cheering, glasses clinking (or shattering, in more than a few cases). Things quieted down just enough to skirt under the police's radar after the first round of complaints from the Homeowner's Association, but it was clear that the house was there to stay.

    My parents forbade me from going near the college house almost as soon as the group of boys moved in - they didn't want their precious, innocent 14-year-old daughter being exposed to that kind of "shameless, debased influence". I was told to come straight home from where the school bus dropped me off every day, and not to even think about talking to any of the house's residents or their guests.

    Naturally, it was all I could ever think about.

    I mean, a house full of college students? It was the talk of my school. Everybody wanted to see what it was like, go to one of their parties. A few bold seniors made some spirited attempts, but ever since they had the first few complaints called on them, the boys who lived there were careful about keeping their noses clean. Or just clean enough to avoid getting into real trouble, at least. Nevertheless, The College House lived as a persistent fantasy in my head, and I could only spend so many afternoons aimlessly daydreaming before resolving that I had try and get in for myself.

    Halloween night provided the perfect opportunity to take my chance. Everybody knew The College House would be throwing a party, but by this point most of the people at school were too discouraged to even consider trying to crash it. Not only did I have an opportunity, but telling my parents that I'd be going out for "one last night of trick or treating" gave me the perfect means. Being seen as sweet and innocent had its benefits - they had no reason to believe I'd try and sneak my way into a college party, rather than going out with my best friends like I said.

    I checked and readjusted my costume as I stepped up onto The House's front porch, carefully shimmying to keep it from bunching up between my thighs. Was this too much? Not enough? The questions burned in my head, but I refused to worry about them. Tonight wasn't about second-guessing myself: tonight was about doing something nobody else in school had been able to do! Mustering up all the courage I had, I took the last few steps forward and knocked on the door

    I know, I know it's not spooky season just yet, but I'm getting so excited for Halloween that I just couldn't help myself! So if there's anyone out there looking to ring in the Fall with a story about a high school freshman and a house full of horny college co-eds, here's your opportunity~ My preferences are linked in this post, but if you're curious what kinks I have in mind for this prompt, as well as general ideas I think could make things more fun, then here's a few for you to chew on:

    • Peer Pressure & Party Games. I'm going to want to fit in, which means going along with the group and saying "yes" to a lot of things, even if I need to be prodded a bit. If that means agreeing to play beer pong, even though I've never had a beer? So be it! Body shots? It's not like I have to do them - guys just want to use my stomach! Joining a joint circle? I've never smoked before, but there's a first time for everything! I'm not looking for my character to wind up incoherently wasted, just encouraged to have fun and loosen up~
    • Anal, Ass Play, & Ass Worship. If you check out my first EcchiPost, you'll notice I'm not shy about being a buttslut. While I'm happy to have attention paid to my character's sweet teen pussy and warm, wet mouth, I'd love for this story to go in the direction of the party discovering that they've been crashed but an unwitting teenaged buttslut~
    • Costume play. Obviously, any good Halloween party is going to be a costume party! Ideally, we'd pick out exactly what costume it is my character is wearing, and what kinds of costumes she bumps into throughout the night.
    • Public sex. Carrying off of the last idea, what good party scene doesn't involve my character getting taken in front of a crowded room? It can happen in a dimly-lit room with a horror movie playing, with most of the party's attendees unaware as my tight holes are stuffed, or we can have an audience cheering us on as you make me cum all over your cock. Either way, if there's no risky sex or outright exhibitionism involved at some point, I'll be just a little disappointed.
    • Obviously Out of Place. I could take or leave this one, if it's not to your taste, but I think it would be really hot (and would make some sense) if at least a few of the partygoers clock me as a bit too young to be there. Whether it's carefully avoiding asking me my age or if I go to their school, or teasing my out loud for being "a troublemaking piece of jailbait", I think it would be lots of fun to play into the ageplay kink built into this prompt.
    • Being Teased & Toyed With. I want to spend some time getting to know the partygoers closely, and I don't want them to shy away from doing the same to me. Making out on the loveseat, having a finger slipped up my ass by the pool, rubbing my thighs together around a throbbing cock...you get the idea 😉
    • Cock & Ball Worship. No fancy language for this one - I love getting up close and personal and just making out with a delicious piece of meat. I can't imagine any guys at this party would complain about teaching their little party crasher how to properly suck dick and service a pair of balls~
    • Props & Extra Pieces. An optional addition. Maybe a few partygoers decided it would be a good gag to add a few "anatomically correct" props to their costumes. Nobody was expecting to actually use the Bad Dragon toys they packed along with their werewolf and dragon outfits, but they'll sure make for good fun to use on me~

    I have a fuller list of kinks and limits to share upon request, but hopefully this gives you plenty of food for thought to use when you message me. I'm open to writing here in EcchiTexts, [MOD EDIT: Removed Section 14 Violating Content] When you message me, I'll be looking for you to share with my two things:

    1. What kind of party do you imagine this being? A wild and crowded rager, sure to end with the cops arriving and me being hastily hidden in a closet or shoved over the backyard fence? A low-key kickback with dim lights, a spooky soundtrack, and a smaller cast that I can get to know better? Something in between? Help me build the scene and I'm sure we'll come up with something that we both enjoy!
    2. What's the general attitude you want from my character? I've alluded to the fact that she's crashing this party, at least initially, so that she can share those experiences with her classmates at school. Beyond that, are you looking for an eager slut-to-be who wants to have fun, get drunk, and see where the night takes her? A shy girl who's going out on a limb, and is easily pressured into doing all sorts of things she normally wouldn't be older boys? A naïve sweetheart who doesn't realize that, hey, maybe all these college guys shouldn't be putting their hands on me, and gets swept up in all the attention? I have plenty of image references to help us build her up (as well as possible costume ideas), but I want to hear about your ideal teen party crasher~

    That's all I've got for now! Hope you all are getting excited for the season, and I'll be looking forward to your messages ❤️

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    3 minutes ago, Axelcha said:

    I would be interested in discussing ideas with this.

    Great! Feel free to EcchiText me, tell me what you think of my prompt, and we can chat :3

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    @KitKat I'm also excited for Spooky Time~ 🎃 

    Jack O Lantern Halloween GIF

    Anyway I do like your RP AD there though more as the Victim, though if you still wanna talk about it then I wouldn't mind. I also can play as a Dominant Person just not as good with doing that as getting used by Futas xD

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