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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hello and welcome to my request thread 🙂

    For Fandoms I only play as OC characters mainly. If I play a cannon character it will solely be for the name and appearance.

    Current Kink cravings :
    -MxMxF pairings/gang bangs
    -Rough Sex
    -Age Play (Older male x Younger female)

    Things I will NOT to:

    -FxF or FxFuta pairings
    -Playing multiple characters (on my end, just not my thing as i tend to favor one character over the other)
    -Full on non-con (can do a little bit of resistance but not total)
    -Bathroom play

    Things I will Role-Play:


    Boarding School (Fantasy preferred but can do non fantasy)


    ~Brother x Sister


    ~Prince x Shapeshifter

    ~Prince x Village Girl !Craving!

    ~Pirate Lord x First Mate

    ~Werewolf x Human

    ~Vampire x Human

    ~Vampire x Werewolf

    ~Prince/King x Servant Girl! Craving!

    ~Demon/Vampire x Neko

    ~Prince x Mermaid

    ~Good girl x Bad boy

    ~Unpopular Girl x Popular Athlete

    ~Boss x Employee

    ~Goddess x Male harem

    ~Kitsune x Demon

    ~Demon x Angel

    ~Elf x Vampire or Demon

    ~Succubus x Incubus

    Books -Doesn't have to be exactly by the book. Our own twist on it-
    -The Darkest Powers Series

    Also looking to do something similar to the Darkest Powers trilogy books by Kelly Armstrong where our characters have been sent to a group home for troubled kids that holds secrets as to why they are there. They can be either aware of their powers or unaware of them and mistake them for a mental disorder. We can play as OC's or Cannon. Really looking to do a Chloe x Derek pairing.

    Current Plot Ideas !

    A Vampire's Decision
    ~The prince is to be wedded to a princess he has no intentions on marrying and finds himself spending a lot of time with one of his maids for a bit of company, to try and avoid having to even meet the princess. The maid he chooses to spend time with so happens to have been in love with him ever since she started working at the palace, only he doesn't know for she is too shy to tell him. After being around her for a couple of days just sitting in the garden and talking, the Prince starts to realize he was developing feelings for her as well. Neither one of them knows and time is running short.
    Will the Prince accept his feelings for the maid and find a way to be with her? Or will he simply ignore them for what she is and just go through with the marriage?

    The Light Within the Dark

    The Vampires/Demon are after an artifact they have been searching for, for centuries, never able to find it. The artifact has been entrusted to a Angel who was assigned as a guardian for it's protection from any evil being because of how powerful it is. The Angel doesn't know of the powers it holds, and that the Vampires/Demons are after it until she runs into groups of them trying to find who the guardian is and soon is told about the power it holds. The object is hidden in a place only its guardian knows the location to, and eventually a Vampire/Demon discovers that she is the guardian and so kidnaps her in hopes of getting what they want.

    Catching a Fay

    Fairies are very rare throughout the kingdoms, but their magic is powerful. Hearing tales about their beauty and magic, many demons have tried to find them and hopefully capture one to use the fairy's magic for their own uses. And since most fairies are known to be female, they could be useful for more than just their magic. A lot of demons have failed though until just recently. One demon was out hunting like he always does, but this time on his hunt through the forest, he comes across a fairy wandering the woods as well, or bathing in the waterfall. With no one else around, the demon takes he's chance to try and capture the defenseless fairy. He quickly succeeds and takes her to his home, not wanting her to get away as he thinks of a way to either take her magic or get her to use it for his own needs.

    Forbidden Lovers 

    A Werewolf and a Vampire, two warring clans, have fallen in love for each other after having been given an order to kill the other. It is against the rules and strictly forbidden for them to merely interact, let alone have a romantic interest. The daughter of the Alpha wolf was locked away when rumors started to spread. But her little punishment didn't last for very long. Her lover was furious when he found out. Even though he too was given a stern warning though it wasn't as severe. He fought in the battles, his rage, pushing him towards the edge to a cold blooded murder towards the Werewolves until he found who they had taken from him. Word carried and he was given the location. An underground dungeon was where she was kept. A key or spell provided to unlock the cell given to him in hopes of showing mercy on the guard. But once freed and if word caught of her escape, she was surely to be sentenced to death by her own father. It makes her hesitant, but the Vampire gets her out anyways, whether she was willing or not. Where they end up, anywhere as far away from the clans as they possibly can. Will their love last, or would she be too afraid of the monster he had become, driven by rage?

    The Hunter

    He was an immortal. Cursed with eternal life and youth and thrown in a secret organization of hunters. Though those that know of them, see them as ruthless killers. What they hunted were demons and monsters. The things that stalk the night. This time he was assigned a specific task. His target was a female, barely even coming into what she was but his group still saw her as a threat. The girl was young, born from a Vampire family though hasn't gone through the change just yet. She had just turned 18, the age when the change begins but she is completely unaware of it. Having grown up in an orphanage, she didn't know anything about her parents. The organization however, still wants her taken out before the change even gets the chance to fully occur. What will happen though is he finds himself unable to do it. He feels sorry for the girl as she doesn't know what was happening to her. So instead of killing her, he takes her under his wing. He helps her through it, and soon finds himself attracted to her.

    Prince x Shapeshifter

    A traveling circus comes to the kingdom the prince helps rule over. He grows tired of the constant way he has to live. He would rather be out in the city and enjoying life rather than being stuck inside the palace listening to his fathers orders. Once word goes out about the festivities that were going to take place one night, he sneaks away, keeping his identy hidden. From there one of the performers, a shifted, catches his attention. He wants her. She is unhappy with where she is and so the prince wishes to free her, either by sneaking her out or buying her off the ring leader. Either way he is determined to get her.

    ~~~Feel free to mix genres together as well, and suggest!

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    A chain for a name


    I`m interested in joining if you`re ok with it. (The maid girl and prince one seem interesting as with the boss and employee story.)

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    Those idea's do sound fun, wouldn't mind Prince x shapershifter if you were still looking for people to mess around with.  Ecchi Text me and we can discuss it further.

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    I'd love to do the Succubus x Incubus pairing. Can you play as the former?

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    I'm down with king and servant girl 

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