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  • Seeking a Adultery Dungeon Master World Futa

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Currently Seeking someone to play as a Dungeon Master or Game Master with a couple where one of them cheats on their lover by Blackmailing my Character


    I am looking for someone to play a DM aka Dungeon Master where the person plays the World and I 
    play as Gwen Tennyson the overall idea is Gwen being an Exchange Student in another country where
    she is Living with a couple. Michelle is a hardworking girl who loves her dickgirl lover Amy who is a 
    well trained woman who works from home with coding and whatnot. Other stuff can also happen where
    Gwen gets a part-time job only to be abused and used by the dickgirls from that store etc. . .


    Fave Kinks

    • Cuckold/Adultery
    • Ageplay
    • Blackmail
    • Non-Consensual

    This is the Couple I would love to have the main focus, Michelle is the redhead chick on the left whereas on the right you have Amy the dickgirl

    The character I am going to be playing is Gwen Tennyson the exchange student, who is living with the couple in their apartment/house


    If you have questions or would like to talk with me some you can always contact me on Discord: BlueEdge#0455 seeing as I am new on

    this site it will take me some time before I will figure out how to use this place efficient enough ^w^;

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