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    As the title implies, I'm currently seeking some romances sent within the Elder Scrolls universe, preferably during or after the events of the Elder Scrolls V, I'm also open to a variety of crossovers. I'm looking to pair my Khajiit with any number of cute girls; canons and OCs alike are more than welcomed to join the adventures. Down below will be a number of plots and scenarios I'd love to use for our RP, though don't hesitate to come at me with your own ideas, also down below will be a number of settings and fandoms I'd love to do crossovers with along with a number of Skyrim canons I'd love to pair with, but none of this is required. Feel free to ask about a desired fandom or setting if I ended up missing yours. I'm also willing to double up on canon characters for those who are willing to play certain canons for me. The bolded canons are ones I most desire.


    - Serana
    - Jarl Elisif
    - Frea
    - Ysolda
    - Mjoll the Lioness
    - Aela the Huntress
    - Sapphire
    - Lucia
    - Runa
    - Sofie
    - Babette
    - Braith


    - Fullmetal Alchemist (2003/Brotherhood)
    - Inuyasha
    - Fairy Tail
    - K-On
    - Black Butler
    - Soul Eater
    - A-Channel
    - Infinite Stratos
    - Kobato
    - Acchi Kocchi
    - Rise of the Shield Hero (would entirely prefer OCs for this, though I wouldn't argue if you chose Raphtalia)
    - Avatar the Last Airbender
    - Lucky Star
    - Attack on Titan
    - Fire Emblem (Fates/Awakening)
    - Legend of Zelda
    - Modern Earth
    - Stone Age
    - Ice Age
    - Pre-Colonial Americas/Africa
    - Colonial Americas/Africa
    - Feudal Japan
    - Ancient Rome/Greece/Persia/Egypt/China/other ancient society I forgot
    - Medieval Europe
    - Industrial America/Europe




    The Would Be Assassin

    Ja'vassa is one of the top members of the Dark Brotherhood, though he only shows up for missions when the pay is good enough. Today, he receives one of these missions. This mission has him going after your character for one reason or another. Perhaps an ex-lover wants revenge for breaking their heart, perhaps someone's jealous of you, perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity, but regardless of the reason, someone wants your character dead and they're willing to pay good money for it. Like he normally would, Ja'vassa went to meet with the person who made the contract, accepted the gold and made his way towards his target. However, upon meeting your character, Ja'vassa found that he just couldn't raise his sword against them. Perhaps it was love at first sight, or maybe he felt your character was innocent, but for one reason or another, he just couldn't finish the contract. What'll happen from here? What kind of relationship will you and Ja'vassa develop?

    This plot is messy as hell, but essentially what I'm looking for is for a romance to develop after Ja'vassa's failed assasionation attempt. If you'd prefer, we could do this reversed; your character could've been the assassin sent to kill the Khajiit. The reason for them being unable to kill the other is up for discussion, but I'd love for it to be a love at first sight.

    A Stolen Heart

    Ja'vassa is a prominent member of the Thieves Guild and he's fallen in love with a few members of the guild, most notably Sapphire, but he's had very luck in admitting these feelings. Eventually, he had met your character, another member of the Thieves Guild and unsurprisingly, he had fallen in love with them. Thankfully, he gets a chance to get to know your character after the two of you are sent on a few jobs together (this can be discussed). As the two of you go on more and more jobs together, he falls deeper in love and eventually works up the courage to confess to your character. How will they respond to this?

    With this plot, I'm hoping to have our characters become a pair of loving thieves; they break into homes, rob people blindly, all while being in a loving relationship with each other. I'd very much love to see them build up a family with this one, potentially with them teaching their children the art of thievery, of course that isn't a requirement. The missions they take are up for discussion.

    An Adventure of Love

    Adventuring can be a very profitable, but very dangerous career choice. The treasures found on these adventures can rake in thousands if you're successful, but if you're not careful, it could just as easily end up taking your life. Though many people go at them alone, not everyone. Ja'vassa is among these people, he's been traveling alone for long enough and desires companionship; he's not particularly looking for love, but he certainly wouldn't be against it either. Eventually, he meets your character and you two decide it'd be best to travel together, your skills combined could make these adventures much easier and make it much less likely for you to die. Along the way, Ja'vassa begins to develop for your character, deciding to take a chance and just come out and tell them. What's the worst that could happen?

    With this one, I'm looking for our couple to travel about the province in search of things to explore and treasures to find, all while being a kickass couple. They're in love, skilled at adventuring, and will likely retire as very wealthy people. Perhaps they could share their love of adventure with children of their own, who knows?

    The Mentor and You

    Those who have heard of the Dragonborn are well aware of how deadly he is; he is a mage whose skill is nearly unrivaled, he is perhaps one of the best mages in Skyrim, perhaps in all of Tamriel, or at least that’s what he’d want you to believe... and he’s got the skill to back up his claim. His skill with his weapons and in his adventuring are no slouch either. Though he was perfectly fine traveling on his own, Ja’vassa was admittedly getting lonely as he was traveling. In hopes of alleviating his loneliness, he would make his way towards [FACTION] (Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, College of Winterhold, Castle Volkihar) where he meets a newcomer of the faction (Y/C). After talking with this newcomer, the Khajiit had taken them under his wing, deciding to help them learn about their path while also alleviating his loneliness. Somewhere along the way, he begins developing feelings for his student.. What will happen from here?

    Alright, with this one, this will involve your character effectively becoming a student of Ja’vassa’s. Now, to keep it easy, having the character being a member of the above factions would make it easier for them to meet up, but if you’d rather not, we could have them meet at one of the many taverns in Skyrim or on Solstheim, or on the roads somewhere, perhaps with Ja’vassa taking them under his wing in order to try and teach them about the basics of adventuring, combat, or whatever.

    The Kidnapped Noble

    Traveling the world has always been one of your biggest desires, but unfortunately, you're the child of a powerful, wealthy family. They've sheltered you, believing the world is dangerous and unfit for one such as you. You have no reason to wander among the common rabble, explore potentially dangerous ruins or forests. While your life was great; you had endless food, a roof over your head, and wealth that most people could only dream of. Why would you want to change this? It's simple, you want to see the world. You're tired of living this sheltered life and want to see what it's like beyond your backyard. Rather than just running away, as this would likely bring up some unwanted drama, you had written a letter and managed to send it out, requesting someone to 'kidnap' you and get you away from your home. It was quite the risk as well, seeing as the person who had picked up your letter could've been your knight in shining armor who was there to whisk you away on some galliant adventure or they could be some lunatic who simply wanted a new plaything, but at this point, it didn't seem to matter to you. You wanted some adventures, you wanted to see if the world was as dangerous as your parents made it out to be. Today, you're eagerly awaiting to see if your letter has gotten any responses....

    Essentially, with this plot, I'm looking for someone to hire Ja'vassa to kidnap them. He's been hired to steal and kill, but never has he been hired to do something like this, but the pay was nice and it was a new experience, so he took up the job. From that point on, the two of them will wander around Skyrim in search of adventures; the potential of the noble's family sending mercenaries to get their child back home will bring up possibilities for combat and drama. Whether your character is an adult or a child is up for discussion.

    Your Mysterious Mentor

    It's been nearly a century since the infamous Dragonborn, Ja'vassa, had suddenly vanished. There was no indication that he had died nor was there any indication that he was even alive anymore. He just... disappeared, like a mist into thin air. His home in the Falkreath home seemed perfectly maintained and were guarded by two powerful Ash Guardians; fresh food was often grown here, the house always seemed clean and well taken care of, yet the owner was never seen. Many hadn't realized that Ja'vassa was still alive and well, he had just left the province in search of new things to explore, specifically he had quietly been traveling across Cyrodiil and nearby provinces, though he wasn't quite sure what he was looking for. One hundred years would pass since he left Skyrim and eventually, he would return to the province to continue his studies in his birthplace. Soon after arriving, he would meet with your character, an aspiring [mage/adventurer/alchemist/warrior]. Your character was busy exploring the province in search of who knows what when you found yourself to be an unfortunate victim of a [bandit/dragon/giant/other creature] attack, and though you were talented, you were still a novice and would be in serious trouble without help. Fortunately, it seemed just as things were getting tough, Ja'vassa had come to your character's rescue.

    Following this chance meeting, the two of you begin traveling together with Ja'vassa effectively taking your character under his wing, trying to teach all he can about your field, whether it's magic, adventuring, alchemy, or combat, he's doing what he can to help you. Soon after you two begin traveling, your character soon discovers that something's off about this strange Khajiit, and it isn't even about his vampirism. It doesn't take long for your character to begin to realize that this Khajiit shares several traits with the Dragonborn that disappeared all those years ago. What will you do with this information? Will you confront him about these assumptions or will you simply ignore these ideas?

    I know the plot is kind of messy, but essentially what I'm looking for is a novice mage, warrior, alchemist, or adventurer to sort of take on the role as Ja'vassa's student, though your character's unaware of who he really is. You're aware of the stories that the Dragonborn had disappeared a century ago and aware that the stories point him out as being a powerful spellsword Khajiit, but it likely seems a bit coincidental that a person of that description suddenly shows up at your moment of need. Regardless of how strange it is, you and Ja'vassa begin traveling together in order to learn more regarding your trade. I don't care what your character's race is, just keep in mind Ja'vassa gets along best with fellow Khajiit, as well as Bosmer, Argonians, and Bretons. He's unlikely to get along well with Nords, Imperials, Dunmer, or Altmer, while he's neutral to Redguards and orcs. This will take place roughly 100 years after the events of the Elder Scrolls V, but I'd be willing to play a bit further into the future (between 200-500 years) if you'd prefer, he is a vampire, so there's no need to worry about that.

    The Archmage’s Apprentice:

    Throughout Winterhold and the province itself, Ja’vassa is a well known mage; having mastery over Destruction, Conjuration, and Alteration along with high skill in Restoration and Enchanting, he truly is a mage to be feared and it was thanks to this skill and dedication to the arcane arts, and thanks to his effort put into stopping Ancano’s plot, he was eventually given the title of Archmage and though he’s been given this important title, Ja’vassa ironically spends more time on the road than at the college, often spending his time studying as much as he can, particularly he’ll spend much of his time researching the ancient Nordic and Dwemer ruins that dotted Skyrim’s landscape. He’d often return with a number of weapons, objects, and various trinkets for the students at the college to study. Recently, your character has joined the college in hopes of becoming a master of the arcane arts themselves. Coincidentally, one of the first people you met was this elusive Archmage. Taking a chance, you decided to ask if you could learn directly from him. The other wizards at the college were fine instructors and while you learned plenty from them, it just wasn’t enough. Surprisingly, the Archmage said yes and effectively took you under his wing, though instead of staying at the college, he instead took you on his research trips believing that magic is best practiced on the field. How will your skills develop from here? What kind of relationship will you and the Archmage develop?

    With this plot, this essentially follows your character as they directly learn from the Archmage himself. Together, you and Ja’vassa will travel across the province in study of the various Nordic and Dwemer ruins of Skyrim while also practicing your magic. At first, the two of you see each other as nothing more than colleagues, but over time, the two of you grew to become close friends and eventually, even more.

    The Khajiit’s Lustful Experiment:

    Whenever the sun is shining or even when it’s down, the Khajiit can almost always been seen doing some kind of research whether it just involves reading old journals he’s discovered along the way, studying old ruins, or experimenting with new alchemical concoction, you can almost always be sure he’s doing some kind of studies. Recently, the Khajiit has found himself rather pent up and is looking to release that pent up energy. He’s been working on a concoction that’ll cause many people to become submissive towards him; he can apply it as a poison or as a potion, but with any luck, it’ll have the same outcome. Rather than wanting to try it on men, mer, or fellow beastfolk, he instead wanted to aim for something a little different; namely some of the beautiful, humanoid creatures that wander Skyrim. On his list are the Flame Atronachs, Spriggans, and Wispmothers.



    POSSIBLE PAIRINGS - Ja'vassa will take the bolded roles.

    - Volkihar Vampire x Dawnguard

    - Vigilant of Stendarr x Daedra Worshiper

    - Vigilant of Stendarr x Vampire

    - Khajiit x Nord

    - Khajiit x Bosmer

    - Khajiit x Daedra

    - Mage x Mage

    - Khajiit x Flame Atronach 

    - Khajiit x Spriggan

    - Khajiit x Wispmother

    - Mentor x Student

    If you've made it this far, feel free to drop me a message and let's see if we can't get something going.

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