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    Hey there!

    The prompt is a two part scenario — both male and female friendly!

    If you are familiar with the game “Degrees Of Lewdity” it’s along those lines. Orphan girl making her way the best she can in a shitty world. This ERP would involve multiple con, dubcon, and non con scenes with any character we can think of: teacher, orphanage owner, random guy at a bar, stalker, etc.. Mythical creatures/non human creatures are also on the table.

    We can discuss more via ecchi-text which role you would like to play — orphan girl or the various characters that defile her.

    If you choose the 2nd option, any scenes that have multiple characters I can do as well. I’m not limited to just 1 character! 

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    2 hours ago, newbalogna said:

    Thanks for the game rec (are you the dev?). I love it. Playing male exhibitionist.

    I’m not! That’s be great though if I was. Just a big fan of the game. Lost soooo many hours to it. The Wiki is also pretty solid if you ever need any tips!

    Great to hear that you enjoy it!

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