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    A while back, I came across this video of a guy taking an overnight train ride from Tokyo to Izumo-shi and documenting the overall journey, highlighting some of the train's features such as private rooms, showers, an observation car, etc. Most importantly, we the viewer are given shots of the outside world just passing by as the scenery changes from the Tokyo metropolitan to just snow white scenes of small towns and nature. 

    As sleep-inducing and gorgeous as that video was, it gave me the idea for this private RP which draws heavy inspiration from said video. 

    The story involves a MxF couple who board a train like the one in the video as they make their journey from Tokyo to Izumo-shi. The RP could be broken down into a series of "acts" which are titled after and take place during the train ride from one train station to another. For example, the act titled "Tokyo to Yokohama" takes place during the trip between stations. In (almost) each act, the couple engage in some sexual activity in a variety of locations on the train throughout the duration of their ride. For example, the male character could be fingering and groping the female character as they watch the cityscape pass by during the ride from Tokyo to Yokohama late into the night. Another instance could be the couple trying to have sex in the shower without alerting other passengers of the act. 

    Basically, this RP is an episodic series of acts of sex on the train. 

    In terms of what goes on and how many acts there are, I'll gladly discuss it in private. 

    As for the reason why the couple was on the train, I'll be more than happy to dicuss that before we start the RP. They could be an actual couple on a getaway, newlyweds on a honeymoon, or things could get a bit more taboo and the couple could be a kidnapper and their prisoner on the run. Regardless, there'll be some fucking. 

    It's probably a good idea to watch the video in question down below to both get an idea as to the overall setting of the RP as well as helping yourself to a relaxing and interesting video to watch. 

    Feel free to message me on EcchiTexts if you're interested, and don't forget to look over my preferences if that would help you out. 


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