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  • Some rp ideas I had :3

    Sooo heya! How've you been? Just chilling? Pleasuring yourself? Contemplating the deep dark thoughts in the back of your mind as your ancestral animalistic side keeps on screaming and screaming without a reason or goal, snuffing out all logic or morals? 

    Anyway, rp time! Gonna try and be more creative this time so bear with me. Here's some options for my char and your char, I can be both a sub or a dom, your choice in this case. Also, if you've got a fandom in mind we could go for that if I already know it, I'm into a lot of stuff, mostly anime and all that, so I probably already know it.

    ●Femboy(me) x (insert):

    1) Femboy x Femboy

    2) Femboy x Lady

    3) Femboy x Futa

    ●Shota(me) x (insert)

    1) Shota x Lady

    2) Shota x Futa

    ●Futa(me) x (insert)

    1) Futa x Femboy

    2) Futa x Lady

    3) Futa x Futa

    Here's the plot points, we don't have to do something from here if you don't like the ideas or you had something else yourself, anyway:

    A) School related plots:


    1)Classic romantic stuff:

    My character and your character could be classmates or we'd go to the same school, some kind of event leads us to getting closer and closer together until finally love blooms between us, we could keep the dirty stuff for the very end, or we could go from fuckbuddies to lovers, maybe we were placed in the same dorm, were made to sit near the other, maybe one of us was bullying the other, maybe we were friends or something, etc etc, your choice.


    2)Student x Teacher stuff:

    Title says it all really, I'd much rather play the student, just personal pref. Anyway, again, this could once again have something to do with romance, maybe one of us had a crush on the other and decided to approach them, maybe the teacher one of us really wanted to seduce the student one of us and was trying to figure out a way to spend some more time with them outside of class, etc etc, your choice.


    B) Roommates:

    Classic roommates plot, again, can also be romantic, can be just being fuckbuddies, can also be noncon, your choice. Maybe one of us decided to move in with the other and stuff goes from there, maybe we were already roommates, maybe one had a crush on the other or we both had feelings either in secret or openly for the other, maybe one of us decided the best way to go about this was to force themselves on the other, etc etc, your choice.

    C) Fantasy plots:


    1)Adventurer party:

    Could be romantic again, noncon, fuckbuddies, etc your choice, could involve multiple chars though I doubt I could manage more than two or three on my end, our origins and how we got together could be decided before we start the rp, just seems way too complicated to think up by yourself and I'd like to have your input in on this. Anyway, we could have a grand quest, we could just be chilling around and about doing funky stuff, we could be kidnapped by big bad guys, etc etc, your choice.


    2)Noble lovers(or not)

    Here we'd be playing two nobles that were married off to eachother by our families, could be romantic, fuckbuddies, noncon, etc your choice, maybe we knew the other before we got married and thus already love them, hate them, or feel indifferent about them, maybe one of us is just looking to absolutely breed the other wether they are willing or not, maybe we'd actually be really into the whole idea and ended up quite happy, etc etc your choice.



    Could've written more but my fingers hurt already lol, none of what I wrote above is a must, we could tweak some stuff here and there if you want to, I don't care how much you write and at most I can write like 3 or 4 paragraphs per post if I'm really into it, just have decent grammar. English is not my first language so I might make some mistakes here and there, do excuse me if I do. If I suddenly stop replying or something then that means I either have something urgent to do, I fell asleep, or life hit me like a truck(in this case I might be missing for a few days). Hope to see ya there, first post I got really into I guess, peace.

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