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  • Tentacles For A Yandere! - [M x F]


     - Tentacles For A Yandere -

    Strange isn't it? Tentacle monsters were usually the kind of creatures that would try to taint and touch everything they saw with those slimy tentacles of theirs. Yet, this one particular monster wasn't like most tentacle monsters. Instead of being a ravaging and forceful monster, he was instead much more shy and timid. A rare thing for such creatures. In a world similar to ours, a monster with a hidden face attended an ordinary academy with next to no other monsters in it. Feeling a bit lonely in return of it.
    Yet the world of humans and monsters was peaceful, they had come to accept one each other. And one girl that knew this tentacle monster was a bit too accepting. Trying to continuously confess to this one shy monster seemed simple, but everything else made it feel like the world was against her when she built up the courage. One day, she couldn't take the tension anymore, and kidnapped the tentacle monster. To only do the things she had hoped it would do to her back in the academy. Confessing? Kissing? What else could there be? She had hoped to keep this little monster all to herself... 

    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

    Tentacles! I love them! And I love being monster characters, so why not make something like this? Considering that I've also found a new appreciation for yandere girls, I decided to mix the two up! And I hope to play out this roleplay as a shy and nervous tentacle monster with a bit of smut in it. But also a lot of cuteness too! Like the yandere for example, I'd love it if someone could fill in the role of the female yandere and have a fun, lighthearted, but also a somewhat intimidating feel to them. Seduction would work well too in that. 

    Now, this plot, as I thought of it, isn't too plot based. Yet a plot with events happening throughout leading up to the well... Climax of the story would be great. Whether it be slightly scary moments, ecchi scenes, or maybe just funny moments would be lots of fun to play through. And what would make it an amazing time is if there is a good amount of details, nice expression/personality, and replies that continue the story! Because let's be honest here, no one roleplays just to write the whole darn thing by themselves! Someone should always be adding onto the roleplay in some form or fashion, right?  

    For the beginning and middle of the plot, I mostly have it worked out. Maybe starting out with her trying to confess but things continue to get in her way, or possibly an accident leading up to an exciting moment that embarrasses both characters? Well, we'll have to see what we both like. The end however, is something that I'd like to work out with someone. Whether it be a cliffhanger or a detailed scary event that wraps things up, or maybe it's just the beginning for this poor tentacle monster, yes? Hee... 

    Here are some of my kinks that I'd for this roleplay!  (Remember though! These do not have to be in there if you really don't like them...)

    • Dirty Talk  (This one is a MUST HAVE however!)  
    • Slight BDSM
    • Femdom
    • Kisses!  ^w^   (Whether it be cute or forced.)
    • Ecchi  (Ex: Seeing a girl's panties for a moment, or accidentally touching breasts.)
    • Non Con
    • Master x Slave
    • Slight degrading

    And for characters, well, they can be anything you'd like! As long as they're a female yandere that is. Whether it be an OC, a character from a game or anime and so on, or a newly made one specifically for this. The one I will be using will probably be the tentacle monster image down below. One last thing for replies though, just some things that I'd  REALLY  like to see.

    • Decent Spelling
    • Good Grammar
    • Somewhat Detailed Replies  (About 2 paragraphs at least.)
    • Decent Contribution  (Like I said, no one wants to write the whole roleplay themselves the entire time!) 
    • Personality!  (Using !'s, ?'s, and ~'s effectively if that makes sense, and just traits from your character's personality too.) 

    These things here are what keep me going in a roleplay. It's hard for me to enjoy a roleplay if I'm just getting measly detailed and bland replies, and my goodness... One liners... I'm not asking for perfection! Because I'm far from perfect when it comes to roleplaying, but care in a roleplay is very important to me. What's the point of roleplaying if it's not fun, and there's very little care put into it? 

    So! I hope that covers most things for this roleplay! I'm really really really looking forward to playing it out with someone who can fill in that sweet female yandere! (By the way, your real life gender doesn't matter.)  I hope at least one takes interest, because I actually like making bulletin posts and making new and hopefully unique roleplay ideas. And I'm open to suggestions, tweaks, and questions so please don't be shy to ask! I look forward to this roleplay a lot. I promise you a great roleplay!  

    And thank you to whoever's reading this~  ❤️


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