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  • The Ex-Adventurer and the Priestess

    As you can tell from the title and tags, this is more for my fantasy loving people. Or anyone willing to try out a fantasy plot. I'm not going to beat around the bush with a whole long list of things. Below is the premise of this story feel free to give it a read and if it interests you PM me and we can work something out ye.

    The plot is centered around the late classical antiquity and early middle ages. Its not really a GMing plot per say but it does involve multiple characters throughout the roleplay. To give a run down of it, I'm playing as a girl (a priestess in training)  who lost her village to the hands of a tyrant ruler who wants a marriage with her due to her unique powers. She managed to escape and to cross into the next empire since her homeland was close to the borders of the two empires. It was late winter when this happened and while she was decently dressed, there was only soo much she could walk. She ended up reaching a cabin in the woods and knocked at the door before collapsing just as it opened......

    That's the idea really but you'll be playing as an ex-adventurer who had decided to live alone due to loosing his wife and two daughters in a monster outbreak while he was on a mission for the King of the empire he was in. After that incident, he quitted and left the city never to be seen again until now when he opens the door and sees the collapsed girl shivering in front of his door.

    But yea that's it 

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