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  • The Moderneval Milk Experiment

    ~ The Moderneval Milk Experiment! ~

    Where you'd go to your office job, or hang out in the nearest coffee shop. There would be some sort of magical, mythical, or ancient seeming fellows along the way. This world has been flushed with the mad and the wicked long ago, and has stayed that way for a very long time. These odd wizards, warriors, elves, dark elves, and other kinds of beings have latched onto the progression of time. Hardly advancing while the world had moved on from horse back riding to modern cars and vehicles, and they would no longer wage needless wars such as the ancient soldiers in their times. The world became incredibly advanced, and some of these odd people had to adapt to it...
    One little cafe, known as
    'Magik Milk & Tea' was a small business that was in the path of the more rural side of the city. Where people would come from to get to work. It was convenient, not too pricey, and had a unique decor and aura to it, as well as the good service. Though they didn't do too much different when it came to the food, it was like any coffee shop. There were donuts, cookies, and other breakfast foods, but it was more about the drinks. The most prominent being the selection of milk there was. Regular, strawberry, chocolate, cherry, vanilla, lavender, and even honey nectar. There were many choices when it came to the drinks. But despite their good services, they had started to lose employees for some reason, and business slowed down. A 'help wanted' sign was placed on the window, and one peculiar, yet normal girl was in need of a job.
    The owner of the cafe, a robed being with a knack for magic saw her request for a job. And seeing how she was nicely endowed. The owner couldn't resist. He had built a small relationship between them, warming up to each other. And when she had finally applied and got the job. There was something off, there were no shipments of milk coming from boxes or anything that would normally be in a cafe. But another method of getting milk, only to be served to those who were naive enough. The owner, while staying sweet yet sinister had shown his true colors. And it was her decision whether or not to keep this job, or to try to get out of it, as the owner seemed to have an eye for her...

    ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~

    Mmm! Hey! This roleplay is something that I've thought about doing for quite a while now, but I never got around to actually making it. I might be making a few more role-plays now since I've finally got back into it, but time will tell. 

    For this roleplay, I'm hoping to play as the robed, almost wizard like man who is the owner of Magik Milk & Tea. And I'd like this roleplay to be semi romantic as well as slightly tense. If that makes sense. Something cute with a slight twist, but I don't want to plan out how it's exactly going to go. I like some surprise when it comes to roleplaying with someone, I think it makes things just a bit more interesting while not being too confused or lost. I kinda like the whole slice of life story when it comes to roleplaying. Especially when it comes to fantasy or made up worlds. Which this sorta is, as I call it Moderneval, a word I made up to tell that a world is set in a modern setting, with fantasy elements alongside it. I hope that it makes this just a tad more interesting as a roleplay!  (Also, see the bottom for references.)

    Here are some of the things I look for in a roleplay: 

    • Decent spelling/grammar  -  (Spelling and grammar mistakes are okay, but too many of them can be distracting.)
    • A progressing story  -  (Fluff is alright sometimes, but just as long as it doesn't slow the story down too much!)
    • Decently length responses  -  (About 2 or more paragraphs is good, but I'm willing to do more or less.)

    Here are some of the things I don't look for: 

    • One liners  -  (One liners are pretty vague and confusing, and can be frustrating to respond to.)
    • Random directions  -  (As in the story, twists and surprises are good, but when things randomly happen and contradict the plot, things start to become aimless.) 
    • Ghosting  -  (I understand that you may not be online all the time, but if so, then please let me know! Because it's very hurtful to just stop responding to someone when they tried to make a roleplay with you, only to abandon it.)

    So that's about it. I hope I'm not asking for too much, but I just say these things so I can make a roleplay that both me and my partner can enjoy! That's the key to a roleplay, having a good time. Because if it's not fun or interesting, why bother? So, one thing about roleplaying with me-- your IRL gender does not matter. I am a man, and do not mind roleplaying with another man. Guy, girl, whatever. It doesn't matter, only a good roleplay matters! 

    Now for kinks, for what I have in mind, I'd like to have: Oppai, paizuriecchi scenes, slight size difference, uniforms, lactation, dirty talk, and handholding
    Handholding especially...  (>///<)  
    But those are the kinks I'm considering for this roleplay, but if they are not your thing, or you just don't want to do those ones. Then let me know what kind of kinks you'd like to do, just as long as they are within boundaries of course. Kinks are meant to feel comfortable to us, right? Those can be discussed later on~

    So that's it then! I hope this roleplay can catch the eye of someone and keeps interest, I've been wanting to do this for a while now. So I wish it does well! If you are available, are interested, and are looking for a good roleplay. Then please feel free to EcchiText me! I'm always looking for new roleplay partners and I promise you a great time! If that's it, then I'll see you later! 

    Thank you for reading this~ ❤️ 


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