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    A young woman in desperate need of money and with little support from her family, friends, not even her boyfriend despite his less than unenthusiastic efforts. She looks for other means to support herself while dealing with her school debts, her job barely paying enough as is she seeks other means to get money quickly, and without having to work too hard. Looking online she stumbles upon an ad looking for female talent, and they pay upfront. Even though it looks rather sketchy, she goes anyway soon finding out that the one who put it up is from one of her classes. My Character is an art major looking to be a director though not in the way most think as he gives her the proposition of his job offer. He wants her to be a porn actress as he already has a few of her fellow male classmates who are also in need of cash.

    My character explains that she'll get paid upfront for doing a scene with one of them that day, and if she feels up to it she can come back and get paid again. It seems simple enough, right? Though the thought of what if people see the film, she gets noticed on the street, or worse her boyfriend learns she's doing this?!

    Other information—
    This is going to be about your character doing what she has to to make money while keeping a lid on it, and maintaining her normal social standing the best she can though I see it either going with your character seeing the money and allowing this 'job' to take precedence over everything else as she feels like a star once its open to the public.


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