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  • The Oubliette (Monsters for Female)

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    Alright... I don't normally do this type of RP but... as a writer you have to sometimes step out of your comfort zone to grow. At times I can be a little too vanilla and while I do enjoy those encounters the most, maybe it's time I dip my toes into something a little darker! I hope you find yourself interested and wanting to play too!

    You made a terrible error in judgment! Did you commit a crime? Did you take a lover in secret to defy an arranged marriage? Did you fail your duties and obligations to the crown? Or are you innocent of the crimes you have been accused of? Perhaps it doesn't matter, neither does your guilt or innocence because you have already been sentenced! You are to be casted down into the Oubliette! A dark pit from whence no one has ever returned. The stories surrounding this dark place are often used to frighten children into obedience and scare young maidens into chastity.

    While the king may rule above, beneath his kingdom is a realm of violence and brutality. Rumors of monsters hungry for human flesh will devour anyone who is dropped into the pit! Those more familiar with this dark place know the real horror of the place... but there is hope, on the far side of the labyrinthian tunnels and darkness there is believed to be a safe haven where others who survived the horrors have built a peaceful society away from the king's corruption and foul desires of the beasts!

    So my dear, your path is set, but your future unknown... can you survive... the Oubliette?


    So yes this will be about your character traversing a dungeon while being hunted and assaulted by monsters of all kinds! We can discuss what sort of monsters you want and how big they will be!

    You will also have a companion, Terra, a slime creature with healing properties that can keep your body going even after numerous assaults! We can hammer out the details together but if this sounds like something you're interested in, would love to work with you!

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    2 hours ago, BlakeRp said:

    interested! Send me a pm if you'd like to rp 😄

    So weird, your comment did not show up in my notifications! I just stumbled onto it! XD

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