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  • The path of the heiress.

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

                   A Divided Kingdom:

    After the war with the demons in -2221, which left the kingdom of Kaos in ruins, only twenty years later nobles meet to negotiate the reunification of the kingdom in the capital, the problem is that not even the worst catastrophes can overcome the ego of the human being. Everyone wants to rule a piece of land rather than return to an absolute monarchy. 

    The heiress to the throne has a problem, in case several of them declare themselves in rebellion, she will go to war. But she has almost no allies or generals, that is why before the meeting she went in search of a man who does not seem to be from this world, someone who considers himself from another reality, a wise man told her that this man would be a great help to her cause.  Here the magic and tricks is nothing new, just called attention to that man his clothes and the great ability to win every game that is proposed, betting everything on their knowledge, many people pointed him as fraud.


    Quickly background as a suggestion, her parents have died in the war with the demons, heiress next in line of succession must rebuild her kingdom, motivated by a strong instinct and unstoppable willpower, prepared, strong and skilled magical swordswoman, intelligent but lacking allies, she must prove that her law prevails before others however she does not escape diplomacy, her destiny is to unify and rule Kaos.


    Jason Nolt, a man from another world, more precisely from a land called England, yes, a world where cars and internet exist, but explaining it to another person here is an impossible task. Coincidentally he is the most surprised, people are able to throw fire through their fingers, magic is real here and different creatures, a very strange and dangerous world. 

    He was in his library arranging books until a man asked about one in particular, the book not being in the database so he had to look for it everywhere in the place, when he found it he saw that it was old, with wrinkled and yellowed pages, he blew the dust that covered it and when he opened it everything became dark and a voice could be heard in the distance.

    The noise of the river carrying rocks....

    Some chimes....


    In the course of time he earned the nickname of gambler, everything around him smells of mystery, his arrival and his future.



                         More Info:

    It is a MxF rp with +18 characters. Details can be edited, the core idea is that. It can be short or long, no preferences on grammar and length. I'll keep updating if there are things I want to add or edit. If you're wondering about the lustful scenes, it's progressive, adapted to my rp partner's character with sexual tension.

    Thx for read!

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