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  • Two Knights and a Castle of Monster Girls!

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    Looking for 1 or 2 players to play an array of monster girls for two knights in a castle!

    Knights will be played by myself and @Thatannoyinggod


    The princess has been kidnapped by a dark sorcerer and a brotherhood of knights were sent to rescue her. The assault was a terrible and fierce battle that killed the Sorcerer... but left only two surviving knights.

    Their brotherhood shattered, the two knights resolve to finish their quest and enter the dark keep to rescue the princess. They expected legions of the sorcerer's followers... what they found may be a more difficult challenge.

    The sorcerer's body may have been killed but their essence remains! He poses a final challenge to the knights to finish their quest... the next full moon is only one month away. If the knights can keep their virginity intact until the next full moon, the spell imprisoning the princess will be broken!

    Fail, and her body will belong to the sorcerer.

    To make sure the knights want for nothing during their stay, they have been given a gift. A group of beautiful monster girls to cater to their every need! They will feed the nights, bathe them, entertain them and warm them through the cold castle nights.

    The clock is ticking!


    So monstergirls will only have one rule, they cant just rape the knights, their chastity must be broken consensually. The knights not only have to face the initial challenge but also are consistently breathing pheromones that sap their strength of will.

    The idea of the role play is a lot of sexual comedy along with some fun erotic scenes where the knights attempt to sate their lust and satisfy the monster girls by any means except vaginal intercourse!

    We both are open to ideas! Comment here or message @Thatannoyinggod or myself if you are interested!

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    This sounds like fun! I’d like to play a few or many of the monsterly gals cummissioned.☺️
    And the humor sound particularly fun. I can already see it.

    Virginal Knight: ”Back ye harlot!!! I will not take of thine nipple!!”

    Slime girl: ”But their all jelly-like.”

    VK: “Back!! Back I say!!!”

    Also maybe their can be side some stuff with the Princess…not really needing saving😏

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