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  • Underage Cocksleeve Airline Travels~ [ Female looking for Futas ]

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    Gwen had been used and abused by Marsha and the Nigger community they lived in for well over a month now, one would think the little underage ginger would have gotten used to the demeaning insults thrown her way and constant penetration being done to her yet that wasn't the case for little Gwen. She even remembers quite some of the times she had been raped, behind the school, inside a classroom or two, at a Barbeque Party, being pimped out for Marsha's gift to her Girlfriend, not to mention getting raped right behind her Mother's back without the woman noticing. 

    Gwen loved her Mother but she was simply just too naive or oblivious to what the world was a scary and violent place for a phat ass white girl like little Gwen here, her own Mother just simply couldn't believe a group of black strong girls would use a little white girl as they see fit. It had only been a Month but they had Gwen around their grip they could take her and use her wherever and whenever they wanted and they knew it all they had to do was spin a little white lie to Gwen's Mom and it would all work out for them.

    On a random summer day Gwen receive a text message from Marsha that read:
    "Hey White Bitch look what we scored some sweet ass tickets, can't wait to fuck your
    tight cunt miles up in the sky. You better prepare your white ass for a pounding!"

    Her rapist and her Mom who Gwen had to refer to as Daddy had scored some tickets to England with The British Airways, they were known for having amazing first class but alas they had gotten Economy Class, however, what Gwen failed to realize was what they had in mind Marsha and Kiara. It didn't take long for them to get Gwen to come due to her own Mother's stupidity as they now were standing on the walkway to the British Airways Flight A350

    "Can't believe my Mother fell for your lies again. . ."

    This Starter was one I wrote to someone a loooong time ago on here who has been Banned for a while now, and I was thinking that I could always change the Starter some but if someone is up for a Flight Crew of Futas using and raping my Underage Character involving all sorts of Dark Kinks then that would be lovely~❤️  So yeah this one was a continuation of another RP but we can just mold it how we want so it works for both of us 😉 

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