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    Hello there! I’ve had an itch I’ve been looking to scratch lately for finding any interested partners (regardless of IRL gender) up for playing the part of certain Vtuber characters/personas in various potential erotic situations opposite of male characters played by myself. Who I would be playing is very open to discussion, since it can range from fanboys, male Vtubers (either actual ones or ones created for the agreed scenario) or even something else entirely.


    As for the ladies I’m looking for? Well, I’m honestly very open minded when it comes to possible ones to play with, but I did have a number of them which I’m leaning toward the most at this time. I’ll list those below to give some suggestions on who I’d like my partner to play, but I’m again open to discussing other options.


    Gawr Gura

    Mori Calliope

    Takanashi Kiara

    Ninomae Ina’nis

    Amelia Watson


    Kiryu Coco

    Houshou Marine


    Hoshimachi Suisei

    Kureiji Ollie

    Elira Pendora

    Selen Tatsuki

    Finana Ryugu

    Petra Gurin



    Projekt Melody

    Nyatasha Nyanners

    Apricot The Lich (Froot)


    Hime Hajime

    Juniper Actias

    Honey Goblin


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