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  • Warm Bodies (male needed)

    What do you do when cut through a cemetery on your way home from school in the new town you moved into, and a ghost links itself to you. What do you do when you wake up the next morning to find a pale girl slowly, eerily, climbing in to your bed. What do you do when the pale girl turns out to be a corpse who had also just linked herself to you when you passed by the cemetery last night, claiming you as hers now? Fuck her and hope no one finds out your new girlfriend is actually dead, I guess. 
    As long as you keep filling her with sperm, her body won’t rot…keeping this secret is easier said than done. 

    it is I, yet again throwing a new bulletin here because I have no chill, this one is definitely more lighthearted than the others. It’s sorta similar to my sex demon bulletin, but this time you got a corpse girl.

    There will definitely be porn in this, a lot of it, especially since the dead girl needs her human’s cum so she doesn’t decompose, but also I imagine this to be quite humorous too. How does one explain this oddly pale girl that just appeared all of a sudden, how does one try to hide if the girls arm randomly falls off one day? This is definitely quite a pickle!!

    thats p much it! If you have ideas or anything shoot them my way, I’d love to hear them!! Go ahead and check my preferences, and if there’s no problems we’re good to go! I look forward to rp’ing with any of you!! The biggest thing I ask from you is to be competent and have good grammar with your replies!!

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