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  • This world is not like our own. An alternate timeline differing in many ways. 

    In the ashes of the great war, Germany has pushed to create human perfection. In pursuit of this, they unleashed hell upon the world. Infected males became beasts of various natures and ravished society. With Europe in ruins, it's up to the Women of the remaining Allied nations to save the world. 

    Though women are not effected by the infection like their male counter parts; their minds can be manipulated through pleasure and force to become energy sources for the beasts. It's a grueling process that can lead the women down many roads. 

    We do have hope... We have received correspondence from the Russians, they believe they know how to knock back the infected and possibly end this Weird War. Each major civilization is a pillar. Somewhere inside the pillar is a communication array of sorts for the infected. If it is knocked offline the Infected will leave the area. The Russians have and were pushing from the east, but are now stuck with keeping the infected outside of their country. They built a wall alongside Eastern Europe to keep the infected out. They will try to help, but they are stuck protecting themselves. It's now up to us.

    These trials will require the strongest of wills to find the origin and create a cure. However that will require a final seige of Berlin. First thing first is to establish a foothold in Europe and recruit allies. 

    Our first objective, is to reach the MI5 headquarters in London. Long range we have no signal, but on the short range we keep getting a emergency beacon. It keeps going on and off signaling friendly life. We must get there save our Brit friends and take down the Beacon here. 

    You up for it?

    [Now I have a starter prompt ready, but it's super long. I plan on trying for that more, but the time between posts will be awhile. So expect short, a paragraph or two a post. Since the idea is to run multiple characters expect that. I will help, but your character is the forefront. (If you are not from the US we can include your country but I'll angle you as an ally). Women only inquiry. This story will be quite outlandish, but has an endgame.]

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