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    large.received_334870972298803.webp.f84949cd8a117e0ce073d8d54772e4d1.webpThis character 28 years old, nonhuman humanoid and stands at 5'10. You may view her gallery as it has commissioned photos and her full Canon bio. Please feel free to use her to your liking. 


    "I really need to lose a few pounds." A woman whined from a tangled nest of roots. Skin that seemed to be pale, but close proximity showed pastel nebulas coasting across her body. Wild curly teal hair that wrapped and wound its way across many branches. Between the strands of hair one could see two kitsune ears atop her head. Voluptuous body adorned in a black long sleeve shirt with a laced back, flannel black and red skirt that just barely covered her ass in the bent over position. Netted thigh highs squished against her skin giving her the little 'bump'. Above the skirt was a soft feline tail with the same fur pattern as her skin. 

    "Help? Anyone?" She paused and attempted to look back, though her body was held down in too many spots. A pout crossed her features, luminescent celeste hues cast back to the dirt inches from her face. It wasn't always she tried to fit into tight spaces, Abagnaith now remembered why that was.

    The celestial pondered roughly backing out, but getting her breasts over the roots was already hard the first time. A defeated sigh sounded out lightly as she softly kicked her legs, knees down being the only free limbs she had. 

    "Man, being stuck in the woods is pretty bad alone, but being completely immobile is even worse..."

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