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  • ~ Corrupted Forests ~

    ~ Corrupted Forests ~

    For eons, nature lived peacefully under it’s own cycle of life. Every living thing filled in their role, only feeding each other more and more and ultimately expanding themselves further out into the world. That was when few people roamed the lands, and the main being that resided in this vast cycle of nature was... Nature herself. A nourishing and peaceful woman who cared for any poor animal, plant, or landscape that was in need. Fixing up wounds, healing the sick, and feeding the hungry. These were just a few of the things she did to show her love, specifically to the life she gave and created. Yet one day, something was wrong. These... Contraptions began showing up at her shores, coming in and cutting down trees and even starting fires while capturing animals. Nature herself never fought before, yet something had to be done. 

    Deep in the woods lied one of the few tree giants, but there seemed to be another problem lying in the hands of nature. He was withering, which was unusual considering that their kind would live on for hundreds of years. The tree was also more hostile, and would soon turn out to be the doing of these newfound guests. As they brought in evil spirits, since the lands created by nature were pure. There was no malice up until the invasive foragers arrived. The two had to work together, as the corrupted tree had the strength to defend their home while nature herself had her unending wisdom. However, it would take a while to convince the giant, as something seemed to momentarily controlling it. There’d only be so much time before their home was destroyed... 

    ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~

    Mmm! Hello there, it’s good to be back here! Of course I’m back with another bulletin post for you all, so I hope this one is interesting. Though, I’ve kept things here a lot more vague since this was kind of a shallow idea compared to other ones I’ve made. So please don’t mind if this story’s a lot simpler, but anyways!

    For this roleplay, I’d like to take the role of the tree giant! A bitter yet caring creature that’s been corrupted by unknown forces coming to their land, and for a potential partner, I’d love for them to fill in the role of nature! Or mother nature I suppose, Gaia-- however you call! The beautiful and pure deity of the forest and Earth. Once again, I love playing monstrous characters, I’m positive anyone who’s read my posts knows that by now. I’m gonna have to switch it up before my plots become samey, if they haven’t already that is...  (Remember, there are references at the bottom!)

    Here are some things I look for in roleplay:

    • Decent Length  (I can write about 3 or 4 paragraphs, and more or less depending on what you prefer!)
    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (I don't mind a few mistakes though!)
    • Expression  (Through character details and dialogue, I love it when there's a sense of great emotion in writing!)

    Here are some things I don't look for however:

    • One Liners  (It's frustrating to write a whole bunch for someone, only to get a few sentences back, or even a one liner...)
    • Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice, but when they begin to halt or contradict the story, there's a problem.)
    • Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone. It's incredibly discouraging. If you want to stop the roleplay or aren't available, then please, let me know. I will always understand.) 

    And here’s something a lot of people roleplay for in the first place... Ki-- actually, I’m not gonna elaborate on kinks for this specific one, because I’m actually not sure what would fit for this story! So for this one only, I think I’ll cut it short. Besides, it’s always better to discuss kinks and preferences in EcchiTexts, right? 

    So with all that wrapped up, despite it being a little shorter this time, I hope that this interests someone! While this may not be my best idea ever, I thought it was cute and simple, but I have many other ideas in store. So you keep an eye out for that if you’re ever interested, and if you are-- for any of my plots I should say, then feel free to EcchiText me! I’m usually pretty open to ideas and preferences, whether it be one of my stories or one of your own, let me know about it! I don’t bite, I promise you. As long as we both have preference sheets, or at least somewhat completed profiles, then we’ll have no problem! Remember people, communication is key. Anyways, I hope this peaks one of your interests, and I’ll see you soon!~   (>///O)

    And thank you for reading this~  💝




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