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  • ~ Keep An Eye On That Pharaoh ~

    ~ Keep An Eye On That Pharaoh ~

    An ancient deity had been summoned to the Egyptian cities to bring food, water, and luck among the civilians. As well as wrath against their worst enemies, and this deity was... To put it simply, an oddball. Gods were feared for their power, and therefore worshipped to appease them. Many of them had sworn prophecies onto the humans, whether it be a time of reckoning or a season of blessings. With this deity however, the changes made for or against these humans were immediate. When the god was pleased, he'd give nourishing rains for their crops. And when he was angry, he’d perhaps let loose dangerous creatures onto the civilians that hoped and prayed for him to calm down. Since this deity wasn’t a giant glowing figure in the skies, but rather a dark pharaoh that’s been with them for generations. A pharaoh, despite him not truly being a king to the humans. 

    There was a period of time where he was unamused, saddened even despite the gifts he received. The finest foods, the strongest wines, and even the pleasure of many women. It was like their god was numb from boredom. Except, this deity had given the humans a prophecy like many others of his kind. A creation of his would arise, and take the form of a human girl who’d be his... Daughter. Or wife? Maybe even both..? It would be unclear of what his intentions were, as he’d never make it clear. However, this prophecy would need a volunteer. Not a sacrifice, but someone willing to complete this process. Yet, this fuming desire would cause much chaos among the deity itself, as his powers would nearly be drained in this process... The question is-- would his creation help him, or take advantage of the situation? 

    ~  ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~  ~

    Mmmmppprrrr! It’s me! The little cucumber that loves playing monstrous characters! I realized I may have intense teratophilia, but anyways-- how are you all doing? I’ll be able to take my laptop with me, so if I get the chance during my vacation, I’d love to roleplay with you people! It’s one of my favorite hobbies, so here’s another idea for you!

    For this roleplay, I’d love to take the role of the playful dark mummy. As you all know by now, I love playing these kinds of characters, so forgive me if I’ve been doing this for so long. As for my partner, I would absolutely ADORE it if they’d fill in the role of the volunteering girl! The one who eventually connects to the deity through his powers, being reborn into his own offspring! Remember though, I do not mind your real life gender that you may be, man or woman. Anyways, I’ve kept this story quite vague so we can develop our own narrative, and actually... I’ve had a few ideas for this roleplay when it came to the story. From an archeologist finding the pharaoh to the Egyptians discovering it themselves. Really, this story is kind of a placeholder if anything, so feel free to let me know if you want to change it up a bit!  (Also, there are references at the bottom!)

    Here are some things I look for in roleplay:

    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (You know, the usual. Occasional mistakes are alright though!)
    • Decent Length  (I usually do 3 - 4 or even 5 paragraphs, but I can always negotiate on that..!)
    • Character Expression  (Through small details and dialogue, expression is one of my favorite things in roleplay!~)

    Here are some things I don’t look for: 

    • One Liners  (It’s annoying to write a whole bunch for someone, only to get a few sentences or words back...)
    • Excessive Fluff  (Details are nice, but when they slow down, stop, or contradict the story-- we have a problem.) 
    • Ghosting  (Ughhhhh, just... Please don’t ghost anyone. What’s the point of starting a roleplay to leave for no reason? Don’t do it, it’s really discouraging for people. If you want to stop it, let me know and I’ll understand.) 

    Whew, okay. So with that out of the way, let’s move on to more... Spicy subjects you could say... 

    Kinks! Here are some things I think’ll go well with this roleplay:
    Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Dub Con, FellatioPassionate Sex, Spanking, Kissing, Cuddling, and... H-Hand Holding..?

    And that’s it! I hope at least someone appreciates this idea, or any of the ones I’ve made actually. I make all of these from scratch so know this, I love making them for all of you and it warms my little heart up whenever I see people viewing my roleplays. However I have one request before I wrap this up. Please have a preference sheet of some kind! Communication is important, and if you’re usually indifferent about things in roleplay, then please have one available! It’s always better to be clear about these things, trust me. So aside from that, I think that’s all I have to say. So, if you’re interested at all, then feel free to EcchiText me. I’ll be waiting for you~  (>///O)

    And thank you for reading this~  ♥️





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