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  • ~ Nurses For The Sickly Eldritch ~


    ~ Nurses For The Sickly Eldritch ~

    Without these beings, a horrible world it would be. Ones made from darkness and moonlight, gifting thousands sweet dreams in the late night. Once feared for their appearance was now seen as charm. The eldritch beasts who might frighten one would bring joy to another, but never once did they harm. The world was drab in the old days, once called the ‘Weary Ages’ by many. Painfully slow jobs and expenses like no other, a climate of tiredness and repetition would drain all, so many figured... Why bother? It was a miracle these beasts came to stay, as they boosted people's spirits and saved the day. It was like those fairytales told as a child, of monsters creeping into your room, one’s imagination would run wild. However they were kind, caring, and flourishing. For those stuck in life and down, they were nurturing. One day however, a whole batch of them became sick. Due to an unknown illness among them, the humans were to act quick. 

    Among the doctors, scientists, and nurses. There was one who had gotten many sweet dreams, so sweet they wanted endless amounts as it seemed. In the beds did the midnight monsters lay, no cure yet, but a treatment soon did they pray. A gentle nurse who cared for them greatly, wanting more dreams of her own, as well as a monster for herself. She’d tend to them daily. With her flirting, homemade meals, and plentiful winks. She caught the attention of her patients, their cheeks ever so pink. The beasts were like her own, giving her affection like no other. Without each other would they feel alone, and little did they realize their kindness’ demise. They gave the nurse dreams and wishes so bountiful, being captured by her looks so beautiful. Her plan worked so well for her little creatures that she loved so, it was like magic dust-- simple and effective. And alongisde that love... Was also lust.

    ~  ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~  ~

    Hello everyone! It’s me! And once again, I’m back with another odd bulletin post for you! I really hope you like, since this one’s been stuck in my head for SO long. Yet I never got around to it, and really, you all know the drill. I love monstrous roleplays, or at least stories that I get to play as monsters, since they’re my favorite! Mew..!  (>///<)

    For this roleplay, I’d really like to take the role of one of the ill creatures, who bestows dreams onto people who’ve done good. I’ve mentioned it so much already, but I can’t get enough of monstrous or ambiguous characters. For my potential partner, I would absolutely LOVE you fill in the role of a yandere or clingy nurse! One that coaxes and treats her patients with such care, though it’s unneeded for their health and is kept a secret. (Keep in mind, there’s references at the bottom..!)

    Here are some things I enjoy in roleplay: 

    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!)
    • Decent Length  (I can go up to 3 - 5 paragraphs, but I do get carried away when I’m really invested...)
    • Expression  (Through small details and character dialogue, expressive text is my favorite!~)

    And here are some that I don’t enjoy: 

    • One Liners  (It’s frustrating to write a whole bunch and then get hardly anything in return, you know?)
    • Excessive Fluff  (While plenty of details are welcome, if they slow down or even contradict the story, then there’s a problem.)
    • Ghosting  (Please don’t ghost anyone. It’s very discouraging to others and often makes someone question what they did wrong with no answer, so if you need to pause or stop the roleplay, let me know and I will always understand.)

    Before we move on, here’s one last thing to remember! I do NOT care about your actual gender. Man or woman, it doen’t matter to me. As long as we can play the part well, I think we’ll be just fine! With that out of the way, how about we move onto... More meatier subjects...

    Kinks! Here are some I think might fit in this roleplay: 
    Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Femdom, Aphrodisiacs, Cuddling, Dirty Talk... A-And... Hand holding?~

    And that’s it! Well, one last thing actually... Only a single thing that I must request, and that’s to have a preference sheet of some kind! Or at least a somewhat complete profile. I tend to be more suspicious to those who don’t have a preference sheet, because it honestly just makes communicating more difficult. Most of the time the first thing I look at in a new roleplayer is their preferences, and that way I can see if we’re compatible or not. And when it comes to discussion, I’m usually open to suggestions or changes, but when I ask a question-- please do not constantly say ‘anything’s fine,’ because that doesn’t really answer it. Sometimes we can be indifferent to subjects or preferences, but I know that’s not always the case! So please give me honesty, I value that immensely. Now... With all of that out of the way, if you’re interested in this story, then please EcchiText me! I am always looking for new partners, and I will admit... I’m actually pretty shy when it comes to talking with others. So don’t be intimidated by flashy bulletin posts, because I’m just like you! We both want a great roleplay together, right? I truly enjoy making these posts for you all, so hopefully it catches someone’s eye... I’ll see you soon.  (>///O)

    And thank you for reading this~  💖





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