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  • ~ World Of Hurt ~

    ~ World Of Hurt ~

    Her love was taken somewhere dreadful. The Blood Barrens were an eternal affront to the good of humanity, as it was the epitome of an emodynamic realm. The realm of hatred and agony that was fueled by the pleasures of Earth, covered by forces which controlled the public. No sane person would ever travel to the forbidden lands, but she wouldn’t let it take him. A loving man was captured by the black wardens of the realm, drenching him to become an absorber of pain, sickness, and hatred. All of which fueled the lands, as it was a gift that kept giving. There is no such as thing as consequence-free joy in this universe. And many poor souls were chosen to endure the worst of it all, just so the others on Earth didn’t meet the same terrible fate. 

    The woman who loved this man... She set off into the dreary Blood Barrens after abandoning everything else that they made together. There was simply no turning back after trekking this path. Yet it wasn’t a one-way effort, as both would try to reach each other to escape the wastelands. To say the journey would be cruel would be an understatement. No one is immune to the realm’s effects. The insane inhabit every nook and cranny there is, and the black wardens were the definition of malicious. They are the ones who enslave the innocent to suffer, and the ones meant to stop whoever may oppose them, such as the unfortunate couple. The loving man would be a shell of his former self, not just physically, but in every other way possible-- should he not find any resolve. And the compassionate woman would be faced with challenges beyond human understanding, endlessly chased by the corrupted and wicked. The wardens would use any means to torment them both. Could the pair reunite? Could they make change for their world? Could they end this evil? Humans were not meant to live from darkness, but light. Never standing down and taking it, but to rise and fight. 

    ~   ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~   ~

    Well well well... I’m back! It’s definitely been a while, but I’m hoping to get a little more active on this forum at least. It’s been a little more busy lately, but I think I can squeeze in some time to make new little stories and such. To relieve some of the work load of making them from scratch however, I’ll keep this one relatively short and open! Mermermer!

    (TL;DR) A couple is separated from Earth by a violent realm known as the Blood Barrens, and both make an attempt to reunite after enduring much suffering and many hardships. 

    For this roleplay, I would like to take the role as the captured man. A loving, caring, but ultimately hurt individual who is slowly distorted by the realm he’s prisoner to. I’ve been kinda itching for something a little dark and dreary, so to any of you who have similar feelings, I think this might be what you’re looking for! Of course, there’s always room to adjust things to suit our preferences. (And remember... There’s references at the bottom..!)


    Here’s some things I look for in roleplay!

    • Decent spelling/grammar  (No need for perfection however! We’re all human! And sea cucumber...)
    • Expression  (I love emotions portrayed through dialogue and little details. All that stuff is my favorite!)

    And here’s some things I don’t look for...

    • Excessive fluff  (Don’t get me wrong, I love lots of details and such-- but not when they slow down or contradict the roleplay.)
    • One liners  (It’s not the best feeling to write entire paragraphs for someone-- only to be given a meager sentence or two.)


    I won’t list ideal kinks for this post, but I’ll sum up what I’m into generally. I love my vanilla of course, and I’m all for varying sizes of uses of oppai, some dirty talk, maybe a little masochism and (Very slight) non-con for this story... And... Hand holding... ~
    One thing I do request however, is that you please have a preference sheet of some kind. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, but I would at least like to see some completion on your profile so we can understand each other at a basic level. That way we don’t have to list everything off to each other and drag out simple things. It also just shows that you care. That’s always something I can appreciate, but don’t think I don’t wanna communicate, because that’s very important to me! We can always talk about kinks, preferences, or anything else you feel the need to! 

    So with that, I think I can wrap up this post for tonight. It’s always enjoyable to make new content for you all, even if this particular one isn’t as grandiose as my others. Regardless, I’m just hoping to catch someone’s eye with a story they might find interesting. Roleplaying has always been fun and relaxing, and I’m hoping to create those kind of experiences with others. So if you’re interested, feel free to Ecchitext me! I don’t bite, I promise. We all wanna have fun here, don’t we? I’ll see you there...   (U///O)

    And thank you for you reading this~  💖





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