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  • ~ Your Mute, Mysterious Bodyguard ~


    ~ Your Mute, Mysterious Bodyguard ~

    A girl had been through a breakup. An incredibly bad breakup, where her ex boyfriend began threatening her because of how controlling he was. It went on for a while, only getting worse. From scary texts to even showing up at her house, there was a night when the girl knew she was in danger. Her ex was endlessly following her back home, and eventually started chasing after her. It didn’t seem like anyone was around to help either, except one person... One person who looked even more threatening than her ex. Yet in the moment, she begged for help to at least get him away, and without saying a word. The figure took care of the problem, even if the way he did it was a bit extreme, she couldn’t help but thank him. 

    To give thanks besides directly telling the silent man, she offered to take a break somewhere, whether that be a bar or going to a restaurant. Yet, it seemed like her kind and innocent attitude towards things got her more attention than she would’ve liked. With strangers creeping up to her and even going so far to stalk her just like the... Mangled ex of hers. It didn’t help that she was rather easy on the eyes too. Eventually, the quiet man stayed with her, seeing as she was paranoid of what could happen next. Despite showing very little emotion, it became clearer that this being was beginning to enjoy her company, especially for the girl too. They started doing more with each other while he kept her safe from her ex’s friends and many other violent occurrences. However, he might’ve been seen as unsettling because of the history he had, which was discovered on a single card of his. Yet, would that stop their care for each other? Perhaps once they were close enough, he’d reveal his true voice to his beloved...

    ~   ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~   ~

    Hello one, hello all! It’s me again, and I’m back with another bulletin post! I told you I wanted to make more, and this one I’ve been thinking about for a long time now, so I hope it gets some traction at least. Know this, I love making these, even if they don’t get much attention. And that’s why I’ve kept this up for a long time now, because I adore making bulletin posts for you all to hopefully enjoy! Anyways... 

    For this roleplay, I’d like to have the role of the mysterious figure who remains a mute for nearly all of the story. For my partner, I would absolutely LOVE for them to fill the role of the nervous yet chipper girl who starts growing on the mute and vice versa. I’ve said this many times, but these types of pairings are my favorite. I think the ambiguous and scarier guy with a more innocent woman kind of thing is just... Adorable, you know? Like that one show, Magus Bride I think it’s called. I haven’t watched it, but that’s basically what I’m getting at if you know what I mean. I just can’t get enough of that dynamic!  (Also there are references at the bottom..!)

    Here are some things I look for in roleplay: 

    • Decent Length  (I can write 3 - 4 paragraphs usually, but I can negotiate for more or less!)
    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (As long as it isn’t too distracting, it doesn’t have to perfect..!)
    • Expression  (Through character dialogue and details, I love strong emotions and personality, even for this story!~)

    And here’s what I don’t look for:

    • One Liners  (It’s frustrating to write a lot for someone, only to get a few sloppy sentences or words back.)
    • Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice, but when they begin slowing down or contradicting the story, we have a problem...)
    • Ghosting  (Sigh... Please do not ghost anyone. It’s really discouraging to people, and if you want to pause or stop the roleplay, please let me know, I will always understand.) 

    And that’s that, but here’s some additional information. I do not care about your IRL gender, man or woman. As long as we can play the part well, then I’m more than happy to roleplay with you, this is fictional writing after all. And I don’t mind any changes or tweaks you’d like to add to the story of mine, as long as we’re within boundaries, then we’ll be just dandy! Now here’s the real meatiness of this roleplay... 

    Kinks! Here are some kinks I think would fit into this roleplay well:
    Ecchi Scenes, Vanilla, Oppai, Paizuri, Dub Con, Passionate Sex, FemdomSpanking, Dirty Talk, and... H-Hand Holding..?~

    And that should be a wrap! However, I do have one last thing I’d like to add. If you’re interested in this, then please remember to have a preference sheet! Or at least a preference sheet of any kind, because I’d really appreciate it if we could both have somewhat completed profiles. It’s really convenient to have on you so no one has to guess what you prefer, but then again, I like discussing about our roleplays before getting into them. Surprises are fun, but not when it comes to writing preferences and similar things. You may have a peek at my preference sheet right now if you wish, or at anytime really, I always check my partner’s so I won’t mind. I mean, what else are they for? 

    Anyways, I hope this’ll get at least one person’s attention, as I’m always in search for new roleplay partners. I love roleplaying as you can tell, I’m pretty sure most people here do, it’s an awesome hobby that can truly suck you into a whole new world and let you escape from the tedious everyday things we endure. So I genuinely wish I can make someone’s day with a good roleplay. If you’re interested at all, feel free to EcchiText me! I don’t bite, I promise. I’ll see you soon~   (>///O)

    And thank you for reading this~  ♥️






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