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  • ~ Your Undead Toy ~


    ~ Your Undead Toy ~

    After being defeated numerous times by his rivals and worst enemies, dying in such humiliating ways, this fallen warrior had finally managed to vanquish them and fulfilled his own journey to crush those who've made him make a deal with death itself. The ability to come back to life, over and over again no matter how many times he'd be slain. After fulfilling himself, he wanted to lie down and be done with his life. There was nothing left to do, he won, at least in his own head. But even with a drive through his chest from his blade, or throwing himself into harsh flowing rivers to only wake up moments later. He realized what he had done to himself. 

    At least he realized that before an... Odd necromancer lady came along and offered to break this immortality, as it was once seen as a blessing to the fallen warrior, but in the end it was just a disguised curse. While it took some convincing, the undead knight had agreed to this offer. The necromancer would lift the curse off of him, while he must do what she asked, such as her own personal missions needing to be fulfilled as well. And even dirty deeds, since she was a rather lonely necromancer as well. And her promise may have been broken, as she realized that she enjoyed having this undead knight with her more than she would've thought. And it would be her call to undo or keep his curse so he could be her little toy. The undead knight knew that killing her would do nothing but keep him trapped in a self that he despised... 

    ~   ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~   ~

    Mmm! So now, here's an idea that I've just come up with as well! I've finally gotten around to making this, so now maybe I might take a break with all the new ideas, or maybe I can finally make even more after this? I always have more, even though most of them are monster related as I do love monsters and strange little faceless people. But enough about that, more about this roleplay!

    For this roleplay, I hope this will be an eery but somewhat lighthearted story with dark undertones, and of course, smutty scenes as well. I would like to take the role of the undead knight who has gotten himself into a very sticky situation. And I would absolutely love it if someone would take the role as the necromancer mistress! I love spooky and ominous girls!  (Remember, there are references at the bottom!)

    Here are some things I look for in roleplay: 

    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (But it doesn't have to perfect, mind you!)
    • Decent Length  (I'm pretty flexible when it comes to writing, I can make about 2 - 4 or even 5 paragraphs.)
    • Character Expression  (I love it when personality comes together through details and dialogue!~)

    And here are some things I don't look for:

    • One Liners  (To write so much for someone, only to get a few sentences back or even just a few words...) 
    • Excessive Fluff  (Small details are very nice, but when they slow down or even contradict the story, there's a problem.)
    • Ghosting  (This is the worst, as it's been happening a lot recently. Please DO NOT ghost anyone! If you want to stop the roleplay or aren't available, let us know! We will always understand.)

    Now, with that out of the way, though I am open to discussion on writing preferences. Here's the real meat of this roleplay... 

    Kinks! Here are some lewd things I think will fit in this roleplay:
    Teasing, Ecchi ScenesOppai, Paizuri, Femdom, Casual Sex, Mind Break, Cuddling, and... H-Hand Holding... ~

    Alright then! With all that out of the way, I have only one request from anyone who is interested.  Please please PLEASE read my preferences sheet before roleplaying with me, and please have one of your own too!  It helps me a lot better to understand what you like in roleplay, and it just makes everything so much clearer, and it makes me not need to ask so many questions before roleplays, as I do that quite a lot sometimes. But hey! It's just to make sure that we both have a good time. Anyways, with all that covered, I'd love it if this caught the eye of someone, as I'm always looking for new roleplay partners because I love writing for people. I also enjoy making these bulletin posts, but I hope my efforts aren't wasted since I make these from scratch. So to anyone who's interested, please send me an EcchiText! I promise you a great time~   (>///O)

    And thank you for reading this~  💝





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