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In a realm hidden from humans there is a world of fantasy creatures of all kinds. In this fantasy world is Yamatai Onsens and Brothel. A resort for those who are more well off. In this rp players will mainly be staff members who were enslaved by the owner of the resort for either tresspassing in areas where they were not supposed to go, for causing damages of some kind, or simply were just kidnapped from their homes. Most players who join are expected to be a staff member or to at least have 1 staff member for a character if they want to make customers as well. When a staff member is collected they are forced into a contract. Once contracted a magical seal is placed on them that prevents them from disobeying orders or running away via causing excruciating pain when activated. Staff members who are 16 or older can be be requested by a guest to "keep them company" for the night. Certain positions however will make it less likely for someone to be chosen by a customer. All staff are expected to live on site 24/7 and there is housing provided for them although it isn't the most private of housing. Customers can enjoy a variety of services, such as hotspring bathes, quality cuisine, spas, rooms to stay in, and the staff as well.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. Okay great. I was merely curious because it didn't feel like they weren't forbidden. Now, my character is finally done. Hopefully good enough.
  3. Name: Hellhound (She has no care for other name. She is proud of what she is) Age: 18~20. Species: Beastling Sex: Female Gender: Female Sexuality: Lesbian Role: Staff. General work where she is useful. Personality: Hellhound is a playful beast despite her size. She likes to sleep as her favorite activity and may appear to be lazy in times of inactivity but is otherwise pretty strong and determined if she has to hunt or if given a task to accomplish. While she may look scary to some, she is surprisingly friendly as long as she is treated kindly. She enjoys getting attention and pats. During sexual activities is when she likes to get more playful in order to feel good. She will be obedient most of the times, enjoying any rewards that lead to orgasms. History: Hellhound (Nameless), is a creature from hell, more than used to the heat of flames all around her daily. She sometimes hunt the surface for food, mostly from other animals for meat. And sometimes, she's hunted by humans either for being considered a threat or for being a valuable monster to catch. In this story, she was captured by a stronger monster and put to work, which she doesn't complain too much about as she gets what she enjoys unlike what she was getting by her own lone self. Kinks: She loves licking and sharing the heat, especially if it leads to a blissful reaction. Limits: Anything of the disgusting kinds. Prefers females over males but can do with futanari.
  4. They just work and stuff. They just cant be taken to bed by clients or others.
  5. Oh I see. Well, I will try and make a character soon and see how that goes. I'm interested to see how that could turn out. Question: I saw that it's precised "Characters who are 16+ will etc" but what happens to characters who are younger...?
  6. Oh yeah there was someone who was going to do a scene with me but they went inactive.
  7. I mostly use furry characters but I think it's fine if I trust the existing characters. What I meant was more what kind of character you would need most (I mean as role) since you seemed to need someone to fill a roleplay spot or two above. I wouldn't mind giving a hand. ^^
  8. Yuri is fine , amd welcome! And tbh idk off thw top of my head what is needed lol. I believe somewhere is a list od job types.
  9. I joined since I saw that maybe there would be a need for roleplayers. Just curious about what would be needed, though. Also, I may or not have an actual use since I usually prefer yuri relationship. Still, I wonder if I could still have a use somewhere since we need active people.
  10. @DreamsnThingsAh I see well I guess I could use my other character just to get things moving.
  11. DreamsnThings

    Ooc Chat for Yamatai

    I have been lurking sometimes asking if people wanted to start something with my lamia
  12. Hm... Besides me, not sure who else. >.<
  13. Anyone else on here still active?
  14. Humans can request services if they know how to get to it.
  15. I wound up being hit with a busy patch irl, fell behind on my posting on ecchi. >.< Need to get my carcass in gear. Also, lesse... @Anthro63RP You still around? If so, I think Kitsu is waiting for you in the hot springs scene. =p If Anthro doesn't return for the scene though, then I'll have Alioth rejoin scene. ^^ On that note @Kitsuyumia Are humans still able to request services here? Or are the only humans ones that have been stolen from their homes?
  16. Kitsuyumia

    Hot Spring Baths

    Rieko looked up at the darkened night sky as she lay in the bath her reddish skin soaking in the herbal mixed water and her pores opening from the heat and steam the water gave off. She could feel the stress melt away from her. She let out a sigh and relaxed she had a moment alone to herself where she was not be bugged by customers and the like or cleaning up their messes. She could get used to this... it made the question go into her mind of whether or not she should become a courtesan. Well if she had enough favor for it anyways.
  17. Considering anthro hasnt been online in forever or just does not reply on here I thinki will continue without her to try to jump start this rp
  18. DreamsnThings

    Ooc Chat for Yamatai

    Again, if its fine with the owner, its fine with me, that said its not my place to assume this
  19. This is true. Though I thought that only workers at Yamatai were trapped. But at the same time I think I remember a mention that the world was hidden from humans, so... Maybe you're right.
  20. DreamsnThings

    Ooc Chat for Yamatai

    I personally dont mind, however id check to make sure thats fine with the owner since im not entirely sure how she wants this world to work... especially since humans are supposedly trapped here after being taken from earth...
  21. Hey, @DreamsnThings if you're still available, mind if I use one of my chars from Nudist Beach to request the service of your Lamia lady? o:
  22. Agh. >.< Well, Halloween is around the corner, maybe has a busy window? I've been away from the site a bit myself. Want me to toss Alioth back in there for now and help keep it going til Anthro returns @Kitsuyumia?
  23. Mega_Lorandto

    Anyone want to roleplay?

    The home page and the Profile page are amazing resources.
  24. Matty1Monopoly

    Anyone want to roleplay?

    I don't know.
  25. Mega_Lorandto

    Anyone want to roleplay?

    I feel like this is a topic that should go into the Public Roleplay club, not just this one- or into an rp ad of some form-
  26. It seems @Anthro63RP is MIA
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