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Spruce Moore is a small town in the middle of nowhere. Buried in the forest up against a lake. Such a remote location was a perfect location for the super natural to hide. In the forest of Spruce Moore lays an old mansion which houses the "Midnight Moon" Pack. A pack of Werewolves that live together in a community together. They guard and protect their territory with fearsome might. Out on the lake however there is a small island in the center. On this island lay a fearsome castle, this castle is where the Vampire clan lives with their thralls. Ancient beings that lived in the area for centuries. They claim to be nobles of the region and try to stake claim to the land. However if either clan was to be discovered it could threaten their very existance. In this rp players can choose to be either a werewolf or a vampire. This is more of a supernatural slice of life roleplay where everyday life among the clans is simulated. While both clans may butt heads they both put survival of the clan first.

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Roleplay Club
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Due to some personal circumstances I am going to have to withdrawal from this club and the roleplays. I do apologize for the short notice. You may do as you like with my characters as they can be deleted or replaced what ever you see fit. I did have a lot of fun with you all and I hope to have more personal fun in the future if anyone is up to play.
  3. I actually thought about that once I got on the site today. I'm thinking that maybe they should already be acquainted and together after the reset. The intro for either character is done and known to everyone else OOC, so I think them being already Master/Thrall and knowing one another for however long IC is enough for me. It just doesn't make sense repeating the same song and dance even if it's a little different. Let's see... I know on the Wolf Pack I'm gonna keep Austin's character progress where it is after the reset, Nimona is... Nimona, not sure what I'm gonna do with that one, and the other Wolf character I got won't be introduced until later, either sooner or literally later on, whichever works. For now I think I'll end up playing him eventually, maybe working as an Omega and his identity kept secret in Spruce Moore while living amongst Human's, except to those Human's who actually know Austin. That's the outlined plan at least.
  4. @BladeRunner reset whether hard reset or soft reset might be fun to try work out how your vampire Toshiro and my human character meet again after he saves her
  5. Also, I had a storyline that's (sort of) in progress with Austin, if it was okay with you if I can keep that going whilst working with the reset?
  6. I’m so sorry for your loss dear that’s understandable but glad you are back.
  7. Sorry, been gone the past few days out of state for funeral. Should be good to go now.
  8. alright so I made a poll for people t vote for the type of reset they want and I also describe what each one entails.
  9. This is a poll for the Reset. Pick either of the following. Hard Reset: The Hard reset is basically wiping the whole campaign clean. Starting from the beginning as if none of these events have happened. Soft Reset: The events that have happened are still treated as having happened but we jump to the end of all interactions to start fresh and unlock players. Any characters that are not active or being dropped will be treated as either having died, left the area, or having never existed at all.
  10. Rinoas eyes blinked open when she had felt the warmth on her thigh, the Alphas reassurance causing a light smile to stretch her lips only to soon be pulled in into his warmth. His fur was warm and soft and she couldn't help but nuzzle further into him. She shut her eyes once more and relaxed against him. His caresses worked wonders for her mentality, calming her emotionally and keeping her thoughts of embarrassment and shame at bay.
  11. I'll read in it a bit later then. See what new things they have to offer.
  12. @Kitsuyumia I think that would be a good idea so everyone has a say and its far what ever the results are. Not necessarily in the announcement and some of Kitsu's earlier comments explains their intentions.
  13. Actually I wonder if I could make a poll to see if people would prefer hard reset or soft reset.
  14. @Kitsuyumia Thanks for the clarification. I will await the soft reset.
  15. As for existing roleplay I am not sure exactly tbh I am thinking of either resetting or doing a soft reset after the event. I don't know of any war between werewolves and vampires. If you are referring to the purge that is something very different. But I would say just not to really worry about it too much since this takes place at modern times everything from those eras is in the far far past. The only ones who could remotely know anything about it is any really old elder vampires. If you want you can keep your characters, change them, or make new characters. It will be up to you.
  16. So this is a complete revamp of how we understand the story. What about the existing role-plays in place? Will the be deleted to start fresh? And how will the eras work if this story is based on the now after the war between Vampires and Werewolves? Also as someone who has three characters will there be a reroll of their current race and position? sorry I know this is a lot of questions just reading the announcement made my head spin on what will be the official changes.
  17. I plan on making an announcement later about the future of this rp. Ao I reccommend people be following the announcements for when i finish typing it up and when its posted.
  18. What ever works best to make it go more smoothly.
  19. I'd say if one side is active but other side of rp lock is inactive then the lock is void upon reset and I think 1 wolf + 1 vampire/thrall each would be a good idea
  20. Also anyone who is inactive I will be removing their characters from play. I haven't decided if I will remove the players from the group itself just yet because if they become active again then I can let them pick up their character again. Also I am considering maybe putting a limit on characters as in the case of some individuals it seems that they took on too many characters and then were unable to upkeep them all. I know alot of this was due to rp lock. So I might have to decide on a way to free up characters who are in rp lock. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  21. So I think I may continue with the event once I start getting things going because the way how I want the event to play out can act as a soft reset. But I will have to make some changes as well. Like I want to move some of the more lore and information based topics off site to world anvil which is just much better for storing such information rather than standard forums. I have the database set up I just need to start movinf stuff over to it. It will reduce some cluttter on here and can better be used in reference so we can keep things straight. Also I plan to make a new thread for characters and move all active characters to that thread. I don't think I plan on changing the sheet much If I do make any changes I will reflect them in my example post and notify everyone. But again I don't expect to make any changes.
  22. The Wolf's large hand found it's way onto the woman's thigh, squeezing slightly, the firm grasp wasn't one of anger or annoyance but rather a tenderness. The Man seemed to be present still and the Wolf didn't fight it, his other hand pulled the woman onto the top of his torso as to allow her access to his warm fur. The fur itself was like silk, soft and smooth, not impure or rugged like many others with the only "imperfection" being his still-throbbing red rocket. But that didn't even seem to be his worries at all, the Wolf caressed the woman softly as to calm her down despite the heat that flower through her, it was rare moments like this that were treated by the Alpha even if he didn't admit it.
  23. Sorry for inactivity on the Wolf-side of things, was waiting for another player to hop on in but that didn't happen, soooo I guess I'll be continuing here soon.
  24. Maybe there could be a way to reset and start over or like a clean slate sort of deal. I did enjoy the roleplays I just personally got busy with my new job position and it was hard to find time.
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