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Under construction, as the name may imply, a place for Pokémon fans and players to compete, play for fun and discuss the various games that the Pokémon franchise has to offer!

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  2. NyxAvatar69

    Paldea Prologue

    And when I read that part on Serebii, I abandoned all hope of participating, especially since the reward is hardly worth it when you can just play ranked.
  3. The first official online competition for Scarlet and Violet has been announced, Paldea Prologue. Sign ups are happening now, it begins on 3/10. Paldea Pokedex only, only one restricted Pokemon per team, those being the cover legendaries. Doubles format, all Pokemon set to Lv.50, so pretty standard fare for official competitions. Walking Wake and Iron Leaves are banned as well.
  4. I was playing a match today and my Iron Thorns missed Rock Blast against a low HP Eelektross 3 times in a row and it literally cost me a win. Keep in mind that Rock Blast has 90 accuracy...or at least that's what it says. Cursed luck is real.
  5. So this is fucking dope. https://www.ign.com/articles/pokmon-fossil-museum-virtual-tour-lets-you-see-the-japanese-exhibit-for-yourself
  6. NyxAvatar69

    Giveaway Codes!

    Well shit, I was hoping it'd be an Ability Patch since those are infinitely harder to get. Free stuff is still fine and dandy, though.
  7. Well, fuck me. It's still complete.
  8. NyxAvatar69

    Team Building

    Because I am exceptionally lazy. That and I've been doing speedrun practice for a different RPG. You have about 16 days left to make the climb to Master Ball. The last day for S2 is the 31st. In singles, maybe. From what I've seen of doubles, you see lots of Indeedee + Armarouge and Tatsugiri + Dondozo teams running around with a side of Farigarif Trick Room with Tera Fire Eruption Torkoal. That's not to say everyone's running those teams. Look at SaltyDolphin with his Wide Guard Avalugg team. But yeah, the meta's still in a bit of a wild west state even with some tera types being predictable like Dragonite and sometimes Gholdengo. Skeledirge basically always runs Fairy now with the rare Fire tera while Hydregion is usually Steel to nuke things with Flash Cannon. From what I've seen, doubles Hydregion likes Fire tera for boosted Heat Waves.
  9. One of the cool things about this gen is that is seems like there's actually a lot of variety in the teams that are built, it's not just the same team vs the same team with one or two interchangeables depending on preference. Why not hop onto online play and try it? Best way to test it is to test it. I missed all of ranked season one because busy AF but I hope to play some of s2 when I have a team put together.
  10. NyxAvatar69

    Team Building

    A small list of really dumb (maybe) singles teambuilding ideas. -Choice Specs Max Special Attack and Speed Clawitzer. Very slow, but with Tera Dragon and Mega Launcher can wipe out a good number of common threats, but loses hard to Tera Fairy Skeledirge, who's running around everywhere. -Revaroom learns Self-Destruct via egg move. Slap on a Normal Gem and have fun. Personally, I made myself a Tera Fire Choice Scarf Revaroom with Tera Blast. It's currently untested, however. -Tera Rock Rocky Payload Bombirdier. Big Rock type damage. Also learns Knock Off unlike Weavile. Press F for Weavile. -Flamigo can hit Ghost types because Scrappy, has access to Close Combat, and base 90 Speed isn't too awful. Embrace the ace of best character Larry. -Tera Flying Reckless Staraptor Choice Band nuke. I need not say more. -Frosmoth is Volcarona at home with worse stats, no Sleep Powder like Venomoth, no Fiery Dance like Volcarona, but if you really want to use it...it exists, I guess. Also Dondozo and Unaware Clodsire can both go straight to the Distortion World and live there with Giratina.
  11. This one should speak for itself! Memes or humorous art/images about Pokémon
  12. It turns out clear amulet does not work for that raid lol.
  13. I was thinking life orb for the 30% boost buy clear amulet is a great idea
  14. The Slowbro set in question, taken from a stream I was watching last night. From what I hear, some people are running Psychic Terrain over Slack Off for the boosted damage. I personally also switch out Shell Bell with Clear Amulet because my luck sucks and I don't want to lose the boosts.
  15. Cinderace moveset Just use Slowbro lmao.
  16. Egg bunny's job will never be done
  17. Poor, poor Azumarill. Just when he was done slaying dragons, now he has to come back again to deal with the soccer rabbit.
  18. Speaks for itself, here I will try to account for the 7 star raids with Pokémon not normally obtainable through regular gameplay in Scarlet and Violet. Up next!
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