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The Club on EcchiDreams, about EcchiDreams, for EcchiDreams.

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  2. On an Android phone I find it very difficult to add photos and use the sites repositioning feature. I am not sure if it's something I am doing wrong but it does not feel very intuative.
  3. Has anyone on the dev team ever thought about adding features to clubs to make it so certain parts are restricted by like role (owner/administrator/moderator) or participation? For example you cannot post in the main thread until you add a character ID/picture.
  4. Temaelrin

    suggestion Club Features

    Yes, but broadly speaking, that, as far as I am aware is not possible to implement. This would be possible with purpose built software, but as it stands we are rather limited by IPS and what it's suite or mods can do. If it is set in the rules of that roleplay it would be up to the club owner, or moderator to enforce the rules of that club. To tell the person that they require a character ID, and they need to make one.
  5. just a quick suggestion really, I know at one point ED tried to float a music section where people could link youtube videos and such on the site but this didn't seem to last very long (Why?) but I was wondering if we could have a music discussion area where people can make topics around their favorite artists and link videos in and such.......is this doable? is this even something that other people want? I made this a poll so people can vote. If it's not something that people want then fair 'nuff.
  6. I say yes, pretty much for the same reasons as @Temaelrin stated. We have had a general music thread here for years now, but the user who started that thread is no longer active, and the thread doesn't feel... "official". I dunno. I do think it would be nice to have a place for music discussion as something like a new subforum in the General Interests Lounge or something. In the meantime I've just been posting in the main music thread, and, just starting this week, sharing songs in the Music & Audio Club (like this).
  7. Interesting suggestion. There was indeed an EcchiMusic section that was in progress just literally over a year ago: https://ecchidreams.com/dreamer/1-temaelrin/?status=6736&type=status However it was shelved and back in June it was completely removed, because of YouTube's restrictions, indeed this seems to be a problem with the forums too. You can see this here with one of my posts. Not all music videos in that topic are going to play. But I don't see why discussions can't be done. Already this is doable in the random chit chat forums, but if there does seem to be a demand for it, I'll certainly look into it. Direct links rather than embeds shouldn't be a problem either. Although @Manni has set up a club that seems to go on these lines: https://ecchidreams.com/community/forum/122-topics/
  8. I am so happy you guys added a flowchart for possibly underage pictures. I'm someone who does enjoy loli but I was having trouble telling apart loli and anime girls with petite frames. The flow chart is going to make sharing images less stressful for me and I appreciate it tons. I didn't even know saucenoa was a thing and I believe it will be incredibly useful for me and others I'm just super happy about this~
  9. Imouto Kanna

    comment/feedback Thank you for the flowchart!

    I totally get it. I just refrained from posting anything I was unsure of since I didn't want to get in trouble and I understand that it is a serious issue. But now I can be more confident in my decisions I feel~
  10. Seriously though! That flowchart is super helpful. I had no idea how to verify a characters age outside of reverse image searching which is awful but y'all shared that website and how to check with it. Thank you so much! You just made my life a whole lot easier [x
  11. Thank you for the feedback, I am very glad that it helps you, and hopefully it helps others too. We really don't want to constantly tell other Dreamers off, and get them into trouble but at the same time we don't want to break the law either. It's a very fine tightrope.
  12. I love the sidebar on the homepage dedicated to sharing the most recent images uploaded to the site, but I've quickly realized a problem. Some users like to upload whole collections of images in bulk, but there are only five slots on the homepage, so when a user uploads 5 or more images in a row, that user takes up the entire section on the homepage leaving no room for other users' images to show. And if any users make a regular habit of doing this, it will mean that pretty much only their images will ever show. I don't want to discourage anyone from sharing the images they want, so I think it would be nice if, rather than showing each individual image, this section could show the latest 5 users who have uploaded, displaying their latest image and possibly a link to the side of that that leads to that user's albums page. That way more users get to share the spotlight while still being able to upload as much as they want! What I'm thinking of is something like how Deviantart handles stacks of uploads from different users/groups you're following, except obviously these would be displayed vertically in the sidebar on the homepage in this site's case:
  13. Imouto Kanna

    suggestion Image collections

    I noticed this too. I think another good solution could be only one member per slot maybe? So even if you uploaded three pictures only the newest one of yours will show so the other four can be unique.
  14. Temaelrin

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Every now and then I get a message asking for a Night Time mode or a Dark EcchiTheme for the site. But these requests usually come in like from one person, once a year. I wanted to keep EcchiDreams a one theme site that lets you choose what kind of main colours you want (Via the paintbrush). There are several reasons for this: A lot of people use different colours when posting, particularly roleplayers. This text is perfectly visible on the normal EcchiTheme, but I can guarantee you that it won't be visible at all on the Dark one (And "This text is perfectly visible" is actually written in a different dark colour per word), so what might be good for you, might not be for everyone else. But then again; this will be very viable, on the dark theme. But no so much on the normal one. It is less of a pain in the arse when updating the site: Although this is less true nowadays. Before when we had multiple themes, it used to take 1-2 hours to put in all of our customisations. It's a bit of a tech support nightmare: Because the layout of something might be right for the light theme, but less so for the dark, or visa-versa. Last time we had a dark theme only 4% of people used it at it's peak... But that was well over 5 years ago... Things have changed since then... But so too has technology, now you have "Blue Light Filtering Modes". This is not a "We're going to implement it." Nor is it is a promise that we most certainly will be adding this feature, but more of a "I want to see what kind of demand there is, and what the community's thoughts are on the subject. So please let me hear your voices.
  15. LazarusLuna

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Thank you!
  16. Temaelrin

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Only a few days and as I said in the previous post an overwhelming response... I'm pleased to report that the new Dark Theme is online and ready to be used by everyone who is logged in (Guests will only see the default EcchiTheme). To change the theme just go to the bottom of the page and press "Theme" then select "Dark EcchiTheme"
  17. Temaelrin

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Wow; the response has been pretty overwhelming so far. Thank you for everyone who's made their voices heard. So I have some good news; I've started trailing out a Beta for this Dark Theme, and it's only available to staff at the moment. Once all the bugs are ironed out, I will present the theme for all Dreamers (Not just Premium Dreamers, @Whoreo) to be able to use. Although you have to be logged in to be able to use it. Here is a screenshot to prove what I am saying: The background picture will most certainly be different, in the final release and there maybe a choice of background images, or just one background. This is something we're still working on, what you see here might not be the final "Product" as it were, but it's mostly done already.
  18. Whoreo

    Dark EcchiTheme

    'kay, are the leaders in collaborative eye care more reliable of a source for ya? jus' sayin'. but yeah according to more reading I've done on the subject this crap was debunked in the 80s and outright rejected in the 90s. (source: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/irlen-syndrome/) excuse me for being skeptical in this crap. seems like nowadays there's a syndrome for everyone and if there isn't, just make one up. it's the internet so who cares! XD I am highly skeptical of people who say they have something online nowerdays because 9 times out of 10 its self diagnosed bollocks, and thats even if they werent out right lying in the first place. anyway I think the dark theme is a good idea and whilst I wont exactly rave about it.......but I think as long as it is an option......thats ok with me. p.s. yes, fuck Wikipedia. I apologise that I used that as a source. p.s.s oh and dont mind me~~ I have Provocative Cunt Syndrome. XDD
  19. LazarusLuna

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Because everyone knows how accurate Wikipedia is. >.>
  20. Whoreo

    Dark EcchiTheme

    make it available to premium members only. trolololol~ also had to google irlen syndrome, apparently it is pseudo science crap: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irlen_syndrome
  21. Yuuto Hiroshige

    Dark EcchiTheme

    A dark theme would do really great for night time, it can give someone a nightly feel atmosphere when roleplaying and it’s a nice change to see for the site to those who prefer darkness
  22. ForgottenSin

    Dark EcchiTheme

    I would really love a dark theme like I personally think a dark themes are so much more convenient in my opinion
  23. Imouto Kanna

    Dark EcchiTheme

    I'd love the idea of this as well. I always prefer darker backgrounds over light ones. I do the same for skype and any other app/website that allows it, feels less strenuous on the eyes especially since I tend to use my computer and phone a lot later at night.
  24. Aura

    Dark EcchiTheme

    I would love a dark theme! I use the dark themes for YouTube and Twitter and I tend to prefer darker colors when choosing color schemes for websites. They're always much easier on the eyes, especially in the dark. Even with blue-light filtering modes on, I find particularly bright websites to hurt my eyes at first whenever I look at them early in the morning or late at night. I think maybe a black background with a blue secondary would be really nice for this site. I don't know much about the technical complications of alternative themes, but as long as there is a default, recommended skin, I don't think you should worry too much about trivial limitations such as which colors would not be visible on which themes. Worst case scenario, people may have to highlight text to read it in the dark theme every once in a while. If we added a dark theme, all I know is that I would definitely use it, unless I feel that the theme clashes too much with the logo. That's a major reason I haven't changed the colors of the site, aside from the default colors growing on me. I believe I've even suggested the possibility of being able to change the color of the logo, or even just making it transparent so that it doesn't stand out so much on certain colors.
  25. LazarusLuna

    Dark EcchiTheme

    As someone with Irlen Syndrome, I would really appreciate it if a "nighttime" mode was implemented. However, if it is too much of a pain in the ass for you to put into the site then I will just keep my brightness on lowest possible setting on my laptop. Thank you for your continued hardwork!
  26. Temaelrin

    suggestion Icon in EcchiText...

    That's quite alright. I understand that this site can be a little hard to understand for new people so please don't feel embarrassed. It's a legitimate concern for a few people I have spoken to about the same issue (So you're not the only one). Don't worry though, you'll get the hang of it in no time. I'll leave this topic here, so I can reference back to it if anyone else has the same question or concern. Please take care.
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