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The Club on EcchiDreams, about EcchiDreams, for EcchiDreams.

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EcchiDreams Specific Community Club
  1. What's new in this club
  2. So When you have a Club you have topics for topics.....I’m just gonna explain Club ———-Topics At the Top ———————Topic on the Main. okay, so you got that available so far. But what if you made another option, like changed it so iit becomes. ———-Topics At the Top ———————Topic for...
  3. Temaelrin

    suggestion EcchiText - Draft replies

    Not as far as I am aware. I've been looking at how to make this possible, even though that there is a drafts folder. Which is odd, no? You can send yourself an EcchiText which you can move to the drafts folder if you like. This would effectively be a drafts framework. But I do wonder if there is a better way of doing it, like you suggested....
  4. As someone who uses EcchiText a lot for longer form RPs, it's deeply frustrating having to try and finish a reply in one go. Is there any way we could mark a message as a draft, so that the other parties can't see it until you're done tinkering?
  5. Imouto Kanna

    Dreamer Tip Bounties!

    Thought of another one. "You may not be able to find exactly what you want in a roleplay partner if you're super picky. In times like those it's best to try and compromise or move onto another roleplay partner instead of getting frustrated. Who knows, you might end up expanding what you're into by compromising!"
  6. Imouto Kanna

    Dreamer Tip Bounties!

    I think a tip reminding people that "We're all adults here with lives outside of Ecchia. If someone hasn't responded to your roleplay in a while, try messaging them to see what's up." Or something like that. Sometimes I read a message but don't feel any inspiration for a response so I come back to it. It can look like I've ghosted. I also...
  7. Rucio

    Dreamer Tip Bounties!

    If a roleplay isn't going where you expected, talk it out with your roleplay partner to find out why it went where it did, and where you both would like it to go next. A general idea of the overall plan is much better than a strict word for word guide or winging it!
  8. Aura

    Dreamer Tip Bounties!

    Sorry for double-posting, but I thought the ability to change themes might be a bit hard for users to find, so maybe some tips pointing in that direction could be helpful, so... 1. White not your color? Try the dark theme! You can change themes at the very bottom of every page! 2. When copying and pasting text, you may want to check the...
  9. Temaelrin

    Deleted Account: Is this possible?

    Whilst I'm sorry to hear this, yes it is possible, however it is subject to the Terms of Service as with everything else. Specifically Section 21:- You can do this yourself by going to Account Settings > Overview > Deactivate your Account, or follow this link to go directly to it. Please note that per the Terms of Service...
  10. Enchanted_Dream

    Deleted Account: Is this possible?

    Is it possible to have your account deleted/terminated? Is this possible? I'd like to have this done if possible. Please let me know, thank you!
  11. On an Android phone I find it very difficult to add photos and use the sites repositioning feature. I am not sure if it's something I am doing wrong but it does not feel very intuative.
  12. Temaelrin

    suggestion Club Features

    Yes, but broadly speaking, that, as far as I am aware is not possible to implement. This would be possible with purpose built software, but as it stands we are rather limited by IPS and what it's suite or mods can do. If it is set in the rules of that roleplay it would be up to the club owner, or moderator to enforce the rules of that club....
  13. Has anyone on the dev team ever thought about adding features to clubs to make it so certain parts are restricted by like role (owner/administrator/moderator) or participation? For example you cannot post in the main thread until you add a character ID/picture.
  14. I say yes, pretty much for the same reasons as @Temaelrin stated. We have had a general music thread here for years now, but the user who started that thread is no longer active, and the thread doesn't feel... "official". I dunno. I do think it would be nice to have a place for music discussion as something like a new subforum in the General...
  15. Interesting suggestion. There was indeed an EcchiMusic section that was in progress just literally over a year ago: https://ecchidreams.com/dreamer/1-temaelrin/?status=6736&type=status However it was shelved and back in June it was completely removed, because of YouTube's restrictions, indeed this seems to be a problem with the...
  16. just a quick suggestion really, I know at one point ED tried to float a music section where people could link youtube videos and such on the site but this didn't seem to last very long (Why?) but I was wondering if we could have a music discussion area where people can make topics around their favorite artists and link videos in and such.......is...
  17. Imouto Kanna

    comment/feedback Thank you for the flowchart!

    I totally get it. I just refrained from posting anything I was unsure of since I didn't want to get in trouble and I understand that it is a serious issue. But now I can be more confident in my decisions I feel~
  18. Seriously though! That flowchart is super helpful. I had no idea how to verify a characters age outside of reverse image searching which is awful but y'all shared that website and how to check with it. Thank you so much! You just made my life a whole lot easier [x
  19. Thank you for the feedback, I am very glad that it helps you, and hopefully it helps others too. We really don't want to constantly tell other Dreamers off, and get them into trouble but at the same time we don't want to break the law either. It's a very fine tightrope.
  20. I am so happy you guys added a flowchart for possibly underage pictures. I'm someone who does enjoy loli but I was having trouble telling apart loli and anime girls with petite frames. The flow chart is going to make sharing images less stressful for me and I appreciate it tons. I didn't even know saucenoa was a thing and I believe it will be...
  21. Imouto Kanna

    suggestion Image collections

    I noticed this too. I think another good solution could be only one member per slot maybe? So even if you uploaded three pictures only the newest one of yours will show so the other four can be unique.
  22. LazarusLuna

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Thank you!
  23. Temaelrin

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Only a few days and as I said in the previous post an overwhelming response... I'm pleased to report that the new Dark Theme is online and ready to be used by everyone who is logged in (Guests will only see the default EcchiTheme). To change the theme just go to the bottom of the page and press "Theme" then select "Dark EcchiTheme"
  24. Temaelrin

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Wow; the response has been pretty overwhelming so far. Thank you for everyone who's made their voices heard. So I have some good news; I've started trailing out a Beta for this Dark Theme, and it's only available to staff at the moment. Once all the bugs are ironed out, I will present the theme for all Dreamers (Not just Premium Dreamers,...
  25. Whoreo

    Dark EcchiTheme

    'kay, are the leaders in collaborative eye care more reliable of a source for ya? jus' sayin'. but yeah according to more reading I've done on the subject this crap was debunked in the 80s and outright rejected in the 90s. (source: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/irlen-syndrome/) excuse me for being skeptical in this crap. seems like...
  26. LazarusLuna

    Dark EcchiTheme

    Because everyone knows how accurate Wikipedia is. >.>
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