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This club is where all the music and audio lovers of EcchiDreams come and talk about all things music and audio! From the music they like to listen to and the gear it plays on to what makes a good song good, it's all here!

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  2. I’m going to recommend an album that I believe is one of the greatest albums released in the 90’s that no one tells about. It’s from an alternative rock band called Live, and this album is considered their Magnum Opus. It’s called Throwing Copper, and I’ve been listening to the shit out of it, and all I can say is that it’s an amazing album. Personal favorite tracks in the album are Shit Towne and The Dam At Otter Creek
  3. If yes, what instrument do you play and what kind of music to you like to play? If not, is there any you'd like to learn?
  4. Дми́трий Разуваев

    Music Recommendations: Let's See What's Out There!

    I am going to go through this topic to see if there is anything new that I like. if I find something that I like I will leave a "woohoo" react on it. I listen to all kinds of things, but the English stuff I listen to is mainly old stuff like "Pet Shop Boys" take the following list for example: but Queen is good too, and a few other songs from like the 80s era. Because of where I am in the world, I usually listen to Russian stuff. a good example is: it is short, but it is catchy, it gets stuck in your head. try it, even if you don't speak Russian. ^_^
  5. So, how much funk should we put into this song? Romanthony: Y    E    S
  6. I'm honestly intrigued by the orchestration. He's not like the typical electronic composes~ He actually uses... jazz instrumentals. Like, you actually hear the bones in his arranging, which is nice for a change lol. We aren't always memes XD Sue me, but I just can't listen to boring shit anymore. Or listen to shit while I work at all ahahhaa~ I went to a private arts academy instead of high school, and this one fucking dude just ingrained active listening on all of us. It's impossible for me to enjoy music while doing casual shit like cooking or writing or whatever. If I'm going to listen to music, I gotta sit there and just... listen to it. Do nothing else except listen... That's why I guess those chill beats shit isn't really for me. It's too uninteresting harmonically. I don't need the same 1-2-3-7 chords over, and over and over again XD If you dig Modern Flows V2, check out Twin Flames. By far the BEST record on that album. The fucking WDR big band did an arrangement with him and holy fuck billy test just kills his choruses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXCJHFjl9RU I checked out that tune, but I couldn't really jive to it. I don't really mess with rap or like, vocal heavy stuff. It's just not that interesting to me, I guess? I respect the fuck out of vocalists, but can't really touch their type of music ever really. Honestly, flamingosis, marquis hill, and a few others I can't think of are the closest I really get to vocal focused music. Call me fucking lame, but I still kinda dig instrumentals more ahaha~ But I'm not one of those fucking jazz purists that thinks everything after the 80's is dog shit. I'm not too much of a fan of... "jazz" as most people refer to it by... Well, I'm actually not even sure what people refer to it to anymore. I've talked to cats that think jazz is just bebop and modern free jazz lol. Like, all random notes and shit~ But I've also talked to people who think of the term "jazz" as like, old sinatra shit, which is stuff I really dig. I studied Tommy Dorsey a fuck ton in my early years, lol, and he's still kinda my go-to style unless I'm playing modern shit, in which case, I don't like American trombonists as a whole. For some fucking reason, I got into Japanese modern trombonists LMAOOOOO Oh god that was so lame even I got bored typing it jfc anyways, here's like, the stuff i personally listen to. It's boring to most non-musicians, since it lacks any vocals, but I guess it's just interesting to listen to for me cuz it's incredibly dense harmonically. Just ridiculously fun shit to play over, like sectioning 3/4 into bars of 3, making a weird 9/4 feel over 3- like, playing 3's is easy, but try grouping in 3's. It always sounds so incomplete and weird, but Trisense does it fucking perfectly lol. For some reason, the actual band version isn't on Youtube, and I can't link Apple music. But check out Trisense on apple music if you get a chance. God, one of the most legendary pieces I've heard to date. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT_yOgUghFQ Here's some more shit that I shed- Bill Watrous is practically every musician's idol. he's fucking CLEAN. If you're not familiar with trombone... it's a tenor instrument, but this fucking douchebag plays in the soprano range. He literally matches the soprano sax in the melody LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K762Pabxdbw
  7. You're god damn right I do! I fuck with him hard. First album of his I heard was at 1am on a Tuesday I think. Few hours and an entire back catalogue later I had some of the best sleep I ever lost hahah. I really vibe with the voice of everything he arranges and puts together. It's not always the same tone but somehow he has a very specific essence to his stuff. Something about the old drum samples he uses and the timing of his lick and solo samples I think. Fucking hard mood. I've listened to it enough now that I know most of the songs at this point and I can really only use it as white noise at this point or for some REALLY basic shit to try and jam with if I'm feeling tired. Sometimes it's nice to just sit in one key and dance around for a hot sec and the songs change enough that its kinda like a light workout the scales they're in. I checked out that song and it's pretty fucking good. I feel like this could've been sampled and thrown right onto To Pimp a Butterfly. Kendricks usually so good about scouting talent, I wonder if he'll do some shit with him. Their sounds sound like they'd mesh so well if he'd just hit a little more sour in tone. The big shit here though is I recognized the name until I dived into the discog a bit and saw Moments of Flow and realized Melon covered it like a year ago. Moments of Flow really brings out what you were saying with that bassist. Dude's an enigma and I love it. But a fucking XYLOPHONE AND BASS duet smacked me in the face. It was so good! Thanks for the recco, I'm probably gonna dive this guy tomorrow. Lemme trade ya back something you prob know already but god if you don't lemme hit you with some mop top since I prob can't keep up with an actual jazz artist on recommendations lol
  8. oh shiiiiiit someone sheds Flamingosis? ahahahaha I recently got into him. Think one of my friends showed me a song from Flight Fantastic... Think that was his newest album at the time, and it was pretty dope tbh. He's actually got some intellectual chords in his music, which is pretty fun to analyze. Most of those "chill jazz beats to study to" are the most boring shit I've ever heard. Just the same 251 pop changes over, and over, and over, and over again. lol If you're into more interesting chord changes with some vocal notes, check out some Marquis Hill~ The fucking bassist in his band has the weirdest feel I've ever fucking seen and i groove to it so hard. His new album isn't really "jazz" but uses a lot of jazz language. it's basically electronic at this point lol
  9. Is it time? Can I throw funk and jazz recommendations at people now
  10. Ah, glad you liked it! I can definitely see the resemblance to some tracks from the F-Zero soundtrack too, I think it's mostly because there's kind of similar instruments being used when composing these songs. ^^ A lot of 90's schmups tend to have music that fits the Hard Rock genre, and, it makes sense - given how intense some of those games can get. xD Speaking of "Hard Rock", I'll post another song here not from a video game, but from a somewhat well-known band:
  11. @Sunstone Thunder Force is giving me some serious F-Zero vibes, at least from the soundtrack I heard back when I played Smash Bro’s. Brawl. Sounds pretty nice too! I was about to say it has a real racing video game tone until I realized it probably was a video game to begin with. @ConfusedHumanBeing As for that Jazzhead above, I’ve listened to smooth jazz before but nothing like this. I couldn’t really bring myself to enjoy it, but the solos were pretty impressive! I decided to share a recently released song by a long running YouTube artist by the name of The Living Tombstone. I hope you enjoy this song! Sunburn
  12. jeez all i see is rock and contemporary Any jazz heads here? the god damn 5/4 feel going into 4/4 is insane on this tune and if you count the beats like a nerd there's a bar of 7/8 right after the solo jesus christ i have no life
  13. I've never heard of this guy before, but I spent some time reading about him and... wow. Certainly one of the most, I guess, "experimental" authors out there? I took a glimpse at his bibliography and was smirking at how long and mostly unvarying the titles of his works are. Some of the titles remind me of some album and song names from really avant-garde artists and musicians I've heard before. Nurse With Wound comes to mind, personally. Some of the best titles of books by Chuckle Tingle I saw were: * Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt * The State of California Stalks My Gay Butthole * Turned Gay by the Existential Dread That I May Actually Be a Character in a Chuck Tingle Book * Bisexually Sandwiched By My Sentient Peanut Butter Husband And Our New Living Jelly Girlfriend Great find. xDD Thanks for sharing. ^^
  14. Perhaps the most impressive song composed for the Sega Genesis.
  15. So I went down the rabbit hole of this dude and It's all just so....perfect. Even if you don't have audible, the previews are enough to experience a flood of new emotions. I would say to start off with this one https://www.amazon.com/Gay-Living-Billionaire-Jet-Plane/dp/B01EQUN1PU/ref=sr_1_44?dchild=1&keywords=Chuck+Tingle&qid=1596088955&s=audible&sr=1-44 but here is his amazon author page, just..... go through it https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Chuck+Tingle&i=audible&qid=1596089402&ref=sr_pg_1
  16. An old song so listen to those who still come by heeeeere
  17. This place looks rather dead after a while. Figured I should try to at least post something here -3-
  18. Wow... I absolutely loved the beginning of that. If there was an instrumental of this it'd be amazing~! I didn't mind the vocals, though I tend to love the instruments used a lot more, personally. Thank you for sharing that! Here's my next song I'll share. Technoooooo!! Again. ^^ I love this song, I just wish it wasn't called... that. >.>
  19. First time posting here, so sowwy if I do anything wrong - found this dope song by accident the other day and though I might share it
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