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This club is where all the music and audio lovers of EcchiDreams come and talk about all things music and audio! From the music they like to listen to and the gear it plays on to what makes a good song good, it's all here!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. The RADIO TAPOK guy I am subscribed to has done another impressive cover; this time of Slipknot's - Before I Forget.
  3. Here are some places I recommend for those wanting to get some advice on what headphones to purchase and what supporting gear. Headi-Fi: Yes, Head-Fi. Despite ALL the people that shill, mad fans, trolls and assholes, this site still has quite a few good people in it to get advice from! If you need help navigating the site's potholes, I can be of assistance. Reddit's Headphone Reddit: Surprisingly, they are quite good unlike 4chan's headphone related forums. InnerFidelity: Rtings:
  4. HOLY MOLY, anyone who has a HiFiMAN HE500 or a planar can try some of the bass shaker tests! I just did and they hold really really well.
  5. I've noticed that I like I lot of Game OSTs, instrumentals and music with strong vocals. Also don't mind J-Pop despite how brightly it's mastered and the lack of DR.
  6. Hey guys, now I've got my hands on an Australian made, designed and manufactured DAC called the Geiseler Groß DAC made by Clayton Geiseler of Southport Queensland! It's quite a DAC I have to say, plays ALL of the available audio formats including the fancy DSD and hi-res stuff. In the opinion of the person whose Groß DAC I'm borrowing, it certainly competes with the best DACs like PS Audio Direct Stream that is valued at ~$8200AUD.
  7. And I just found this on Gumtree Australia! For $1700AUD! When it sells for about $3000 retail!
  8. Here's my set of Headphones, in the original box it came in. To be specific, it is a Bluedio HT (Hurricane Turbine) Bluetooth Wireless Headset, and has 57mm Drivers in-built. Nothing amazing or anything, only costs about $30.00AUD (£17.50 / $23.50USD).
  9. Love to dance to pretty much anything that has a catchy synthesizer and electronic-y noises. xP I'll share...hum~...10...for now. Gotta set a limit cause if I don't I'll end up putting hundreds here. xDD If you want any more recommendations from me feel free to message me. ^_^ (I know I posted two of these in another thread, but I'll just repost them here.) * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mowRxyVr-gM ~ Scooter - We Take You Higher * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBFLhGsUpfM ~ Chicane - Wake Up * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZov49eypKw ~ Chicane - Come Tomorrow * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFwQrfi63J0 ~ [OC Remix] Super Meat Boy - 'Spoiled R0TT3N' * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0E02f0P0X8 ~ Ollie King OST - Teknopathic * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQJEQqtS_L0 ~ Way Out West - Pleasure Control * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIORaFITSFc ~ Altern-8 - Hypnotic St-8 * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuE8DZVwHkM ~ Neon Indian - 6669 (I Don't Know If You Know) * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6No1da6DJgA ~ Tommy '86 - Logged Into The Future * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRP7uvv_Yqw ~ Moby - Besame Yup, I'm a technohead. :3
  10. Now I haven't had a chance to listen to some of the music here but I will eventually do so. Yes, I have heard some of Daft Punk's RAM album. It's actually pretty good.
  11. I might post some typical things that I listen to another time but currently the top ten bands that I like are (In no particular order): Lindemann Rammstein Amananthe Lacuna Coil Sabaton Cradle of Filth Nile Devil Driver Deathstars System of a Down But today I wanted to share some Russian covers I found on YouTube. Most of them are by Radio Tapok, who covered some songs that I like and I have to say he is a very talented musician. I've quite enjoyed his covers. I also found a cover of one of my favourite bands (Lacuna Coil), by Diva Sveta and Vladimir Zelentsov and I am honestly impressed with how they got the lyrics translated and still fit it into the songs, whilst keeping the overall feel of the songs. If you want to listen to something different, like I did, then definitely check them out. I think some of them are better than the originals, honestly. Yes they're rock/metal, that's my jam, I'm a bit of a metal head. Cover of Lacuna Coil (Our Truth) Cover of Sabaton (Primo Victoria) Cover of System of a Down (Chop Suey) Cover of System of a Down (Toxicity) Cover of Rammstein (Du Hast) Cover of Rammstein (Sonne) Cover of The White Stripes (Seven Nation Army)
  12. http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php - I just found out about this site
  13. Well, I'm quite into the old 80s and 90s pop music really....ahhh simpler times. but then I'm super gay when it comes to that. Here's an example of some stuff I listen to at the monent: Ahh.... simpler times...
  14. Narrator: This, is history. Sometime before 2014, in the town of Headfi... Where the pricier headphones got pricier, and were artist endorsed headphones ruled the streets. There was one headphone which was destined to bring back the balance between cost and sound quality... SR-009: "I don't know who this headhone is, but I want him and his frequency graph, DEAD!" Narrator: Every flagship wants a bite of him... TH-900: "How can such a lowlife touch us, the expensives?" T1: "He is never gonna replace me! NEVER!" HD800: "No one leaves without a treble-spike...." Narrator: He is... HE-500! *Explosion* HE-500: "I didn't choose this... I didn't want to be a hero..." Cue soft audiophile piano music Modded T50RP: "HE-500 this place need you. I need you. Before I met you I was a lowlife ortho, but you showed me, you showed all of Headfi, that this place can be something different. We can ALL have a balanced frequency graph." HE-500: "Baby, I'll make Tyll measure you all night long..." Modded T50RP: "Oh you mad dog you!" *Explosion, HE-500 walking away* Dramatic high paced movie music ???: "He is no match for me... Don't worry SR-009, I've dealt with his kind before..." Modded T50RP: "No! Don't touch me! Leave me alone!" Empty streets. HE-500 walks in front of a building. HE-500: "Set her free! It's me you want! Come out you coward!" Voice from building: "So, you've come at last, HE-500...." HE-500: "I know this frequency response... You are..." LCD-2 walks out of the building HE-500: "My nemesis..." Evil deep laughter from LCD-2 Narrator: THIS SUMMER, a headphone world you have never experienced. HE-500, with help from his brothers HE-400.... HE-400: "YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA, did someone drop the BASS on this place or what!?" Narrator: ...and HE-6... HE-6: "Isn't there any bar in this god forsaken place with power enough to drive me...?" Narrator: ...will he be the one headphone to save Headfi-town? Epic fighting between HE-500 and LCD-2, THD shootout LCD-2: "You'll never have my bass!" HE-500: "You're just angry because you can never get any ladies without a mild treble-spike" LCD-2 and HE-500 running against eachother LCD-2: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" HE-500: "HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *BOOM* "Trouble in Headfi-town" Coming out on cinemas in June...
  15. For anyone that wants to LVL UP their audio experience, you can ask for help here!
  16. In this topic, members can ask and make recommendations to others about music, genres, bands and anything audio related!
  17. Here, we can talk about the music and genres we listen to! If members want, they can post links to the music in question!
  18. Here's Manni's collection of Audio Gear, Past and Present.
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