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At Midnight Meetings, we are open to all styles of roleplay, as well as all experience levels. Whether we’re your first roleplay experience or your para-RP, your style and contribution are welcome here. That being said, there are a few basic courtesies that we do ask you to observe. There are also some terms thrown around that, to a new roleplayer, might be unfamiliar. Please read below to learn more.




God modding is being immune to all types of influence or injury. You are almighty, nothing can hurt you or bring you down. This is not acceptable roleplay behavior at Midnight Meetings and is dealt with OOC consequences.


Abbreviation for “In Character”. Anything that involves what happens while roleplaying is IC.


Metagaming is simply taking knowledge that you gained OOCly and bringing it ICly. Any knowledge not gained through RP is not knowledge you know ICly. This is not acceptable roleplay behavior in strictly roleplay channels. In general or main chat it is tolerable.


NPC is short for Non-player character, meaning that these are characters not played by actual players.


Abbreviation for “Out of Character”. Anything that is outside roleplay and not in character.

Please remember when you are role playing to keep your OOC chatter to OOC Section. If you absolutely need to say something OOCly then use the OOC Topic. If it is in Ecchi Text then use brackets [ ] or parenthesis to distinguish IC from OOC. It is a common courtesy for RPers.


Abbreviation for “Roleplay”. This is when you act out your story through emotive messages.



ED -
Refers to Ecchi Dreams or the site in general.

ET - Ecchi Text or the private messaging of Ecchi Dreams.

Dreamers - are registered members of Ecchi Dreams.


LFP - Looking for Partner

Members are those who joined the club but hasn't submitted a character yet or their characters are not yet approved.

Midnighters are those who has submitted an approved character.

Pioneers - are the first five batch that has submitted and has their characters approved for Midnight Meetings. They will be permanently featured on the Midnighter's Page

Midnight VIPs  - are the five most active and participating in the club base on their activity. They will be featured monthly on the Midnighter's Page

Midnighter of the Week -  is the most active and has the most number of post or likes in the club for the whole week and will featured on top of Midnighter's Page

Active - means online and available. It is considered active when the Midnighter is not offline for more than 3 days.

Participating -means has club activity at least once every three days or at least 3 times a week in the club.

Club activities - include posting, reacting to post, replying to threads and earning reactions.





It consists of one sentence plus one speech in the roleplay.


Xyza was looking around as she walked inside the Night Bar before noticing a new guest. “Greetings and welcome to the Midnight Bar! How may I serve thee?”


It consists of three to five sentences and contains speeches or dialogue lines.


It contains more than five sentences and lines in the roleplay.


It contains multiple lines in three or more paragraphs. At the Midnight Meetings this is not encouraged to prevent wall texting in public role-play topics. It would be better to have multi-paragraph in exclusive topics with your partner or Ecchi Text Instead.



There are three types of Posting Perspective
Third Person (He/She, They/Them and It.)

Second Person (You)

First Person (I/We)

At the Midnight Meetings, It is highly encouraged to use Third Person Post Perspective in Forums.


In Topics, OOC sections or Ecchi Texts you are free to use any Post Perspective you are comfortable with. 

When roleplaying in Midnight Meetings, you should write your paragraphs as if telling a story. For example: ”i went and i sat down on the bench as i pulled out my wand and cried.” is not an acceptable form of roleplay. ”Went and sat down on the bench as she pulled out her wand and began to cry to herself.” is acceptable.


━━━꧁༺ Types of Character༻꧂━━━

There are only two types of character in Midnight Meetings.

Original Character

An original character, or "OC", is a fictional person or creature created by someone not affiliated with a company. It was originally made by you. It is highly encouraged to have an original character at the Midnight Meetings.

Canon Character

A canon character is a fictional character native to a particular book, television show, movie, comic book, video game, or other canon universe. Anime Canon characters are highly favored in the Midnight Meetings.





Chat boxing is when you just talk in local without using any sort of emotion. (ie. [10:30] Xyza: Hey, what are you gals doing?). 

There should always be a short action in your roleplay when one-line roleplaying. A proper example would be the following

 (ie. [10:32] Xyza waves as she sees her group of mothers. “Hey! What are you moms doing?”) Machine Gun RP also applies to this.


This is when you are talking over and over again before giving anyone a chance to respond. You should post one, and only one, post before waiting for your next turn.


Do not go out of order when RPing. A courtesy to RPers around you is to follow a simple order. Of course this usually does not apply in group roleplays, for example. If wishing to join a group of RPers that are already immersed, it never hurts to Ecchi Text someone in the RP or politely ask in the OOC section for the order of the RP and where you can come in.


If someone RPs in a style that you do not like, you can simply walk away and not choose to RP with them, or you can adjust your style however you feel fit to meet theirs. This is entirely up to the player — no one is forced to Roleplay a certain style, and anyone found attempting to change the way someone roleplays will face OOC consequences. 

Ghost! (30 Minute Rule)

You are not obligated to post back.However, you are not allowed to ghost anyone in Midnight Meetings. Ghosting while in RP will suffer OOC consequences. Real Life (RL) comes first. If you have to go or something comes up IRL, it is highly encouraged to leave a heads up on the OOC section or Ecchi Text your RP partner/s. For example: [ Life is calling me, I will be back or let’s continue some other time. ]

It is only RP courtesy and respect to the partners that was immersed in the play as much as you are. 

Do Not Auto or Control the other character

Auto is when a player performs an action without giving the affected players a chance to respond to those around him. Controlling the other character is writing what the other character will do next. Both of this are not allowed in the IC and OOC section.

Posting In

As a rule of thumb, unless it’s agreed upon, we politely ask people not to post others into a scene as you may not know if they plan to be around or if they may be busy. To check we encourage you to DM someone or post in the OOC section and ask if they’re happy to be posted into a scene. We also ask that you wait and assess a scene before posting into it. Who knows, someone may be unconscious on the floor with a potato up their nose and you’ve just said “Hey! How’s it going guys?”

It would be better to keep the scene flowing by just going with the waves and current of everyone in the area.


Etiquette was based in Mischief Managed
If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to ecchi text Adonia

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