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Club House

Club house is the forum for midnighters to role-play with other midnighters. 
The club house is composed of the Night Bar for club goers.


Moon Pools for swimming and bikini party,


and the Midnight Lounge for sexy bed and romance. 

The night bar, moon pool and midnight lounge is open for all members and it is a public role-play wherein everyone can interact freely.

There are two different types of members in Midnight Meetings.
Midnighters are those who has submitted an approved character.
Members are those who joined the club but hasn't submitted a character yet or has not have their character approved yet.
Members are allowed to post in the club house but are not allowed to create topic and have an exclusive thread with a RP partner.
Members are encouraged to submit a character first before creating a topic or thread in the club house.
Midnighters are allowed to have a one on one or an exclusive group in the club houses, you are free to make a new topic in this format.

[ Section in the clubhouse: Night Bar | Moon Pool | Midnight Lounge (Your Name x Name of Partner) ]
Example: Midnight Lounge (Adonia x Mayhen )

Only RP is allowed in the Night Bar, Moon Pool and Midnight Lounge Topic.

ERP is allowed only on exclusive one on one or group topics or threads and ecchi text with your partner/s.


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    Goddess Aurora
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    Midnight Lounge

    Goddess Aurora
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    Moon Pools

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