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Hey there!  I was wondering if anyone here is into D&D or any other tabletop rpgs?  If so let's talk about some of the crazy shit that has happened in our campaigns!

Here is an example of mine:  My character is a male Tiefling Sorcerer name Damakos.  My DM presented an NPC that offered each of us to pull a random card out of his Deck of Many Things.  The rest of my party was too scared to try(if you know what it is then you probably understand) but I am big on role playing my characters withing their respective alignments.  Damakos is a Chaotic-Neutral character that isn't afraid of shit, so he reached out and grabbed a card from the deck!  My DM laughed and told me to roll a D20.  I knew something bad could happen, but hey that's what my DM gets for putting such a powerful item in front of us at lvl 4.   My DM told me off of my roll that I had pulled a card with a knight on it and a lvl. 4 tiefling  fighter appeared in front of me, he was to be my servant who would remain obedient until death.  

So what else was I to do but to name him Ricardo and make him my love slave?  My DM's exact quote:" I am immediately regretting this decision.." 🤣

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Well I adore DnD and well my tail was of my very first campaign, where I played a Dragonborn Paladin named Amionet, he traveled with a character that one of my friends created. George. George was a sex crazed half Orc Barbarian that had bonded with me years earlier due to our shared love of dwarven women. However that in it's self isn't my tail, see during battle if it became bloody and Gorey enough good old George would get aroused and during one particular blood bath he was so hard he decided to pistol whip a Goblin to death a Goblin that my poor Amionet had in a death grip, which my DM decided it wasn't funny enough, so made George bust a nut over the faces of both the now deceased Goblin and his Scaly and now Ex best friend. which everyone in our party, found it hilarious and thus have yet to let me forget to this day.

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