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Brother/Sister Romance Profiles


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I'll start with the brother, might consider making the boyfriend later, depending on how we play it.  You are free to do what you want with the sister for the most part, I was thinking she would be somewhere in the 13-15 age range (if you want her to be a little older we can discuss the ages).  The bio is going to be a little simple vague, since the details of his sister will decide somethings, including just how long he has been sexually attracted to her and the ways he might try his seduction.  I don't have much pre-planned for that except in the beginning he will probably try to be subtle about and the attraction will initially be one way, with it only becoming mutual due to the seduction.  We can decide how much we want to plan it as we go.

Name: Masami Nakano (I just liked the idea of using a Japanese/'animeish' family)

Gender (this can include futas or gender bent characters): Male

Native World: Modern

Species (mostly relevant to the fantasy/sci-fi worlds, ideally most will be human): Human

Unique Physical Traits (for non-humans):  N/A

Age: 16

Height: 5'10

Hair: Short dark blue (this is HENTAI world after all, feel free to pick any hair/eye colors you want).

Eyes: Blue

Short Bio: An all around slightly above average boy.  Fit but not muscular, isn't one of the most popular kids but has a reasonable number of close friends and generally get along well with people.  There is only one flaw, one shame he has.  He loves his sister, not (only) as his sister, but as a girl.  This world is a little different than our own, incest happens with more frequency, and everyone knows that but it still not accepted by most and this boy understands he should not feel this way.  But now his sister has a boyfriend.  He hides it well, but he is intensely jealous, and decided it needs to change.  He will make her his lover.  She will sleep with him before her boyfriend.  That much he has decided, though he does not have much of a plan yet he just knows he needs to start acting soon.  It appears to be a rather innocent relationship but it will doubtlessly grow more intimate over time.  He doesn't even want to break them up necessarily.  She deserves to have a boyfriend she be with publicly, but the plan is to might her cheat, willingly and eagerly, with her own brother if he succeeds.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

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