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Thoughts on Potential Stories


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Got inspired by a picture someone posted to dig this out of inactivity and get more people to look at it again.  I decided to start by focusing on what I thought would be examples of stories that could be covered.

This is essentially an open world setting, so it is going to be a bunch of smaller stories.  There will be no significant change in the worldwide status quo.  The hybrids may eventually overcome the monsters, but if they do it is many generations away and numerous generations before there is any visible progress in that direction.

So the idea is to focus on smaller scale stories that will vary depending on the sort of characters involved, this is not a full list, but the sort of possibilities that immediately come to mind.


Human male.  These can be played, but the harsh reality is they are the weakest inhabitants of the setting.  They can only thrive in relative safety within the few surviving cities and even there they would want to avoid the borders.  They have various roles within the city.  The agreement that had been reached was the hybrids would make up the bulk of the armies (and often law enforcement, with the two being at least somewhat mixed) but civilian government, business etc. primarily run by the humans (with some non-combat/support roles in the army being open to humans).  Usually if they do get married or have a (heterosexual) love life, it will be with hybrids out of necessity.  The pure human female population has grown small and continues to shrink, usually only the wealthier/more powerful men have a chance with them.  On the inside of the cities they largely resemble modern cities, with two major exceptions.  The presence of the hybrids obviously, and these are essentially city-states with very little or no connection to the rest of humanity.  There is knowledge of other cities but communication between them is very slow and dangerous (though there smaller settlements near the cities which do maintain fairly regular contact and do try to supply the cities with certain things like extra food).

Human female.  These characters are in an awkward place, valued by human men (though most are okay with hybrids after this long, pure human ones are just considered even better) but they may also feel the need to go out and mate with the monsters to do their part to create more hybrids and help humanity fight.  Such a character could focus on one of these roles or try to balance them.

Hybrids (all female, in case it needs to be repeated).  The focus of the story and with the most flexibility.  Do they live in the city?  Do they go out into the wild?  Do they try to go into more 'alien' territory (ex. deep underground or underwater)?  Do they get involved with a human man/men, or do they focus on monsters?  Perhaps an exploration of their identity (they are not monsters, but while they help humans they are not truly human either).  Maybe the story of a mother raising her daughter.

Monsters (probably all male).  These could be intelligent or just beasts.  Either way they are likely to be short term characters, only played to mate with the hybrids or human women.  That said, there is a near limitless variety and just about anything could be played.

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