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Here is where you can learn about the Island staff and their placement on the Island. More info will be available over time as you guys interact with them and anything revealed will be posted or updated here. Interacting with the staff can provide guest with new information on the island and its history, if you care to learn about it.

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As I our lovely club leader is having her attention split between all you wonderful darlings and IRL requirements, I will be putting up some Staff characters of my own to help out with the GMing load.

for your perusal and enjoyment, here is the first batch.

Beach staff

Name: Fynn
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: toothy sharky boy
Sexual inclination: Switch, Dom lean. Subs for bondage.
Cock Size: 6 (x 2)
Description: Calm and patient, Fynn takes his job as resort lifeguard very seriously, spending most of his time up on his watch tower, keeping an eye out on the waves for any sign of distress. If he sees anyone who is in need to help, he'll immediately spring into action. His swim speed is practically unmatched on the island (not counting those residents who can just teleport from place to place) so he prides himself on his perfect record of not a single casualty having occurred in the time since he took up the job as lifeguard. He can perform mouth-to-mouth, but is a bit reticent due to a couple of his past rescues waking up and thinking he was trying to eat them.

When he does get some time to indulge in some sex of his own, he's been known to have his typically calm personality suddenly switch into a wild and dominant one dubbed his 'fucking frenzy' by the other staffers (though he says anyone would have a hard time keeping a cool head when they have not one but two cocks craving satisfaction). While he typically assumes a dominant position, a previous incident where an over-enthusiastic fisherman resort goer caught him in their net displayed that he actually becomes much more docile and submissive when he is restrained.

Name: Jelly
Age: 19
Gender: Fluid (heh). Typically in a female form and uses female pronouns, but can take any shape she wants
Species: ooey gooey girl
Sexual inclination: Switch, submissive lean but also really likes to one-woman gangbang her partners. Or to get gangbanged herself. Or to have orgies. Really just ascribes to 'the more the merrier' as a general philosophy.
Breast/Cock/Tentacle size: Whatever she wants.
Description: Self proclaimed beach party queen, Jelly loves keeping spirits (among other things) up out on the beach and takes great pleasure (among other things) whenever she gets to entertain the guests there. Seeing as her main work partner is a fuddy duddy shark boy who's all about "being responsible" and "saving lives" and "doing his actual job" like a boring old man, Jelly takes it on herself to attend to as many beach-goers needs as possible, often seen splitting into several bodies to be able to do multiple jobs at once (doing this can get tiring for her on occasion, but somehow she never seems to have a hard time getting a fresh supply of fluids to restore her energy levels).

Can literally take and give at the same time when it comes to sex, but has a special weakness for when her guests let their inner party animals out and hold her down to have their way with her. Her malleable form means they can get as rough with her as they want and she'll never get actually hurt.

Hotel staff

Name: Comet
Age: Kinda lost track since coming to his planet, seeing as it has a different orbit than his. (physically looks to be equivalent to a young human adult)
Gender: Male
Species: Alien (Milarian from the planet Milar, if anyone asks for specifics)
Sexual inclination: Submissive, but is also a snob who needs to be impressed.
Tentacle length: 10 inches at full extension
Description: Dutiful and orderly, Comet typically handles logistics for the hotel, acting as something of a manager though he has no actual authority over the other staff members. He came to the island about two years back when his space ship crashed just off the coast, and resolved himself to stay here and work for the siblings when it became clear that earth did not have the technology needed for him to repair its systems. While he's learned how to pronounce a few words in English, he rarely ever needs to as he finds it much easier to communicate by telepathy and bypass language barriers altogether. The name he uses comes from what people on the island thought his ship was when they first saw it in the sky, before it actually crashed. He says that his actual name would be too long and complicated for the species on this planet to easily pronounce or remember, but some have wondered if that's actually the case or if it's just part of his general tendency to not want to talk much about his home planet.

While he isn't bothered by the mating practices that are often on display on the island, he has a notably lower sex drive than the majority of the other staff members (one of the traits that makes him so well suited to managerial work, as he gets distracted far less easily). Having different sexual sensibilities than typical humans, it's not just anyone who can entice him into copulating. On the few occasions where he has been pulled into a bedroom, however, it's been found that he responds most to an intellectual and dominating personality. As a result, the alien has found himself to have a particular weakness for Bubblegum, who herself seems to have taken an interest in him because of his odd physiology and skin tone.

His species does have an analogue to the human penis (as well as a generally similar physiology and digestive process), but it is retractable and prehensile, staying fully within the body when not in use. As such, some fellow staffers who have seen him coming out of the shower have mistakenly thought him to be genderless.

Name: Star Gazer
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Cyclops
Sexual inclination: Dominant, tease
Breast Size: B cups
Description: Star was the first person to see Comet approaching, twice. The first time she saw him was in a vision, her magic eye having the ability to occasionally peer into the future. This directly led to her being the first person to physically see his ship approaching as well, as she was eagerly looking forward to the celestial visitor thanks to said vision. Ever since then, she has stuck to him like glue, keeping the old sour kraut company and helping with running the logistics of the hotel, an informal assistant manager to his informal manager position. Most everyone else has picked up on the fact that she has an obvious crush on the Alien, but she doesn't seem to be in any rush to try and form anything more than a friendship with him, knowing that he is new to earth and relationships in general.

In spite of her crush, she is much more willing to service the visitors to the hotel than Comet is. However she sticks to the submissives since she has a habit of toying with her partners and denying them their orgasms when she gets her hands on them. She likes to see people squirm and beg for her, and rarely ends up taking off her own clothes when she gets with someone (though her typical mode of dress is far from prudish). She also has a special kink for sensory deprivation, particularly blindfolding her partners so she can take control of what scenery they imagine while she plays with them.

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And as our lovely club leader has just put up the Discipline Chamber/Dungeon area for play, here are some of the staffers you can expect to see regularly frequenting the area.

Dungeon staff

Name: Infinity
Age: host; 27, demon; primordial
Gender: Female
Species: Beholder host
Sexual inclination: Dominant, sadistic.
Breast size: D cups
Description: 'Infinity' as she is known these days cannot remember much about her past. She knows that she was used by the previous masters of the island as part of their 'monster' experiments in the laboratory, and that she is the product of a magic ritual in which the captured soul of a beholder was infused into the body of a human woman, causing her to mutate into her present form. However, any memories as to the woman's identity before the merging of their essences into the being now known as Infinity has been utterly lost to her, either as a result of the ritual, or whatever experimentation was done on her to make her ready for it.

In return for the sacrifice of her identity, however, Infinity gained the awesome and terrifying powers of the beholder that was bonded to her, and with its its insatiable will to dominate and control. As a beholder host, each of her eyes has a different specialized function. The floating orb in her right hand allows her the gift of truesight, ensuring that she can see the true form of any creature within her field of vision and allowing her to peer through any illusion. The orb in her left hand allows her to scry into the past of any creature she focuses it on, revealing all their secrets to her. The eye in her stomach contains a beholder's signature anti-magic field, and reflects the primary reason why she was created: the old masters of the island had an easy enough time creating physically imposing monstrosities to keep the Island's slaves in check, but they wanted something that would help them make sure that nothing magical managed to ruin their fun either (unfortunately for them, their belief that they would be able to control the product of a beholder's power and a broken female slave was woefully inaccurate, and Infinity ended up being more of a problem for them than anything else). Through her other eye stalks she can cast simpler magics, but she mostly uses them to simply peer through timespace, using them to spy on the residents of the island and keep an eye out for any interesting new toys that might show themselves.

Thankful to Lollipop and mint for getting rid of the old masters, Infinity has agreed to obey their rules instead of contest them, under the proviso that she be allowed to handle the domination of the island's submissives and exert free control over them whenever one of them caught her interest. She sometimes locks horns with Bubblegum, particularly whenever this one wants to make use of the dungeon to ply her own domination techniques, but out of shared respect for the siblings' authority she and the new owner of the laboratory have never come to actual blows (magical or otherwise). They have even been known to occasionally collaborate, Bubblegum's aphrodisiacs proving useful to break the will of those slaves who seek to put up resistance before giving into the power of another.

Name: Minos
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Taurus mutant
Sexual inclination: Switch, sadomasochist
Cock size: 11 inches
Description: Minos is another product of the experiments that were run on the island during the reign of the old masters. Arguably one of their most successful results, Minos was originally an incredibly docile and gentle boy who was experimented on with gene-, hormone-, and psychotherapy in order to make him the perfect jailer for the island. Possessing an incredibly acute sense of smell and tremendous physical strength and endurance, he was trained to have a deep compulsion to hunt down and bring back any runaway slaves that tried to escape into the jungle. The training he was subject to made him merciless and sadistic in his work, yet still docile and obedient towards those he recognized as his masters, seemingly possessing two distinct personalities depending on the situation. Though, in either state he is known to be exceedingly quiet and uncommunicative, leading some to assume he is in fact mute.

When the old masters were ousted from the island and Infinity took over the running of the dungeon, there were some who went so far as to call for Minos to be put down due to how ruthless he had been in serving them, but Infinity instead requested he be turned over to be her pet and help her administrate the dungeon. Knowing that the young man was as much a victim of the old masters' corruption as anyone else on the island, Lollipop and Mint ruled in favor of Infinity's request.

These days Minos is hardly, if ever, seen anywhere outside of the Dungeon, largely because of the less-than-pleasant memories he brings back to some of the staff. He instead serves alongside Infinity and caters to the needs of those who come to the dungeon willingly. While some crave his power over them,  a few have come wishing for vengeance on him for his past deeds (or seeing him as a suitable stand in for the old masters in any regard), and will instead opt to dominate him and make him their slave. In so far as the quiet giant expresses himself, he seems to be completely fine with either type of request.

Name: Nix
Age: 29 (looks only about half that age though)
Gender: Male
Species: Harpy mutant.
Sexual inclination: Sub, masochist (though he also enjoys helping his mistress Bubblegum with her domination of others)
Cock size: 4 inches
Description: Unlike the other two staples of the Dungeon, Minos and Infinity, Nix was not created by the old masters in order to try and control the other beings on the island. Instead, he was a particular female scientist's very own 'pet project', being experimented on and sexually tortured ever since adolescence to be her very own custom slave. The experience left its mark on Nix as much psychologically as it did leave him physically altered, and he find himself having absolutely no lust left for life unless it involves serving a mistress like the one that created him.

When the island was liberated, Nix was initially rather listless and dejected, feeling as if he'd lost his purpose in life. He busied himself with tinkering and constructing in the dungeon (this hobby being last remnant of his old life left in him by his original mistress who had found the practice cute) but could not find joy in the contraptions he made until Bubblegum came to the island. Her penchant for research and sadism quickly reminded him of his old mistress, and he found himself quickly enamored with the witch, craving for her to give him purpose again.

Nowadays, the toys and tools he fashions are among the finest at the island's disposal, but they are primarily made to assist bubblegum in dominating any slave she takes an interest in. He does, however, insist that any new design he comes up with be thoroughly tested on his own self first, as her power over him fills his life with luster again

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Snack Bar Staff

Name: Sylphina
Age: 209 (as old as Oktoberfest, only looks to be in her mid twenties)
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Sexual Inclination: Submissive, quite into leather and bondage
Breast Size: D
Description: A fairy spirit of festivities, music, and ale. Born in October of 1810, her raison d'etre is to encourage the joviality of partying and drinking among family and friends. Was attracted to the island when the snack bar opened and was in need of a tireless waitress who could serve all the guests and staff members when they needed a good drink and a cheery smile to help restore their energy. She actually has a lovely singing voice but refuses to show it off unless someone buys her a drink or ten first.

An incorrigible flirt as part of her job and personality, she has a special weakness for burly older men with magnificent facial hair who aren't afraid to take control of her after they've both gotten properly bev'ed up. When she gets in the mood, she loves anything involving strap and chains and happily subs for doms (hey, what can you do? she's German :3)

Name: Zao Jun
Age: over 2000 (looks early 20s)
Gender: Male
Species: God of the Stove
Sexual Inclination: Dominant, loves food play
Cock Size: 8 inches, the exact length of a proper Chinese cleaver
Description: Zao Jun was once upon a time a man so utterly poor that in order to survive, he had to sell his wife into the service of a lord, knowing at least that in working for his household she would be taken care of. A year later, the money he had gotten for the sale had dried up and he was forced to beg for any work that he could find to not starve, eventually being hired as the same lord's stable boy. Being able to see her husband toil away in perpetual poverty, his wife took pity on him and cooked for him caked in which she hid some of the money she had raised, hiding them in the stables one night for him to find. When Zao Jun found and ate the meal the next morning, he believed that this was a sign from heaven as to how he could turn his life around, and took the money found inside the cakes to go buy a cleaver and frying pan. Dedicating himself night and day, Zao Jun learned how to make the best food anyone in his region had ever tasted, eventually being hired on as the head chef of the local lord. After five years' time, he had earned enough money to buy back his wife and left the Lord's service. When he shared the source of his inspiration with his wife, she told him that it was she who had cooked the original cakes with which he purchased his first cooking implements. Feeling infinitely grateful for the pity she had taken on him even after he was forced to sell her off, Zao Jun vowed to continue to cook for the rest of his life and to offer free meals to any beggar that came to his home. At the end of his life, heaven rewarded him for his great dedication by lifting him and his wife up to heaven, restoring them to youth and making them both Domestic gods, giving him dominion over the stove and her over the hearth.

Two thousand years later, Zao Jun still seeks to achieve the pinnacle of cookery and often travels to the mortal wold to find new recipes and ingredients to use. On this most recent trip from the heavens, the old deity ended up discovering an island paradise that served as a meeting point for humans and other creatures from all across time, space, and all realms. Knowing that there would be creatures and magics on this island that he had never encountered before, he took on a job as one of the resort's chefs, hoping to gain new inspiration for his craft.

In working here, he has discovered the many similarities between culinary and erotic arts, and has taken a particular shine to plying his mastery of the former in mastering the latter. He claims that tasting the bodies of his guests is a great source of inspiration, but more than a few have simply called him a dirty old man enjoying his vacation when he wasn't around to hear them.

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Entertainment District Staff

Name: Marco Steinbuck
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexual inclination: Switch, dominant lean. Loves using toys on his partners.
Cock size: 7 inches
Description: Marco has always been a very energetic youth full of curiosity and wonder.Ever since he was a child he has been fascinated with mechanics and gadgetry, owing a lot of this to observing his father and older sister at work while he was growing up. He has always had a natural talent at picturing 3D images of objects and engines in his mind, crafting several basic wind-up toys from the spare parts in his father's workshop even when he was a young boy. Very few things excite him as much as discovering a new machine he's never come across, and when he does he will always want to figure out exactly how it works. While he is always chipper and sociable, he has shown himself to be rather socially dense at times despite his mechanical genius.

He doesn't speak very much about his life before coming to the island, but it can be inferred that his arrival had something to do with the dutiful Golem nicknamed 'Bobby' that is always following him around . For all of Marco's skill with magical and mechanical engineering, it isn't difficult to piece together that Bobby is leagues beyond anything Marco could create and that it must have been found lying somewhere by the blond. Much of the young man's spare time is spent trying to repair the loyal companion's magical circuitry to return the mysterious automaton to his former glory.

While he technically could have become a guest when he arrived at the island, he seemed to prefer working as staff due to the extra access it gave him to the facilities that could be found on the mystical paradise.

I.D.: HK 472-9 (Bobby)
Age: Indeterminable, ancient
Gender: technically none, but utilizes male designation
Species: ancient golem
Sexual inclination: 100% adaptable to demand. Does not possess a libido of his own but can imitate it as well as any other human form of interaction
Tool Size: swappable and adjustable. By default has a number of stored toys that can be deployed from a variety of points on his body.

Description:  Marco's best friend and main work project, Bobby is a robotic construct powered by magic that was discovered by the young man some years before they arrived at the island. While he seems to have originally been designed as some sort of security bot, his programming was entirely corrupted when he was originally retrieved and many of his original subroutines and data stores remain inaccessible to him in spite of the work his handler has done to fix the data pathways that the robot an project for maintenance. As such, Marco has retrained and modified the golem to serve as his assistant both in the workshop and in the bedroom. 

Innocent to a fault, Bobby does not entirely grasp all the subtleties of biological interaction, but acts friendly with just about anyone all the same. While he seemed to have the ability to deploy some form of weaponry previously, his time on the island has seen him modified in such a way that any of hid dangerous bits have been removed and swapped out for sexy bits. He can produce lubricating lotion from his fingertips, extend artificial phalli from the palms of his hands with vibrating option, robotic tentacles from his forearms, and had had his codpiece modified to be able to accommodate a variety of attachments. Among his only still untouched original specifications include a deployable jet-pack from his back to aid in rapid transport, and his visor that allows him to display a range of emotions as well as scan in multiple vision setting including the biometrics of living organisms nearby.

While he doesn't exactly understand sex, he does understand performing a service to the satisfaction of those who request it, and has thus taken to pleasuring the guests of the island who seek his services with great aplomb in his eternal quest to be a good friend to Marco and of good use to him.

While his primary loyalty is always directed at Marco, he has learned to appreciate the input of other staff members, in particular Coco who is one of the only people Marco has allowed to assist in Bobby's maintenance and modification.

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