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I'm totally a technician


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I don't know much about computers, but the internet has always helped me out. However, if i have a problem with my computer i can rely on my seller to help me fix it. He can take over my computer from a distance and solve the problem (unless it's something that can't be fixed that way).

So, a friend of mine told me my microphone of my headset sounded really quiet and i didn't even know it until now. I looked through the settings and noticed the mic was indeed very quiet, which was sad because i've had this problem before and i thought it was fixed but it wasn't. After searching through the internet i realized i couldn't find an answer.

There i was.. 

Totally defeated..

With a quiet mic..


But then.. something happened. I was looking through the settings and found this whole page with only one small button on it and three letters behind it. I had no idea what it meant so i didn't know what it would do, but i clicked it and suddenly.. My mic got louder. I was proud for finding a solution. I'm totally a technician now. I fixed my mic by pressing a random button. I felt victorious.. I had defeated the silence and replaced it with.. less silence and more loud things.

Turns out i turned AGC on; automatic gain control is a circuit found on some electronic devices that automatically controls the gain of a signal. Using AGC means that weaker signals receive more gain and stronger signals receive less gain or none at all. So i suppose that helped.

This is the story of how i became a technician.

Does anybody want to hire me to click random buttons and make things work?

I swear i'm a professional...



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