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Esteria Kingdom


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The main human kingdom that was built over the grounds which holds the magic that fuels and maintains the contract. It is here that the magic council settles where the castle stands, but there are no royalties that exist here. The kingdom is mainly run by the magic council and the many demon hunters that roam around. The kingdom is also where the Magnus Academy is placed in the North-West side of the kingdom, although students are not allowed to leave the academy grounds unless they are graduating, or they are doing the yearly trip to the Colosseum.

The Colosseum is located in the middle of the kingdom. Once a year, a tournament known as the Trials of Humanity is hosted in the colosseum. It is a special event that allows for all hunters (not including students), new and old, to gather together in order to see who is the best of their elements. They are split into 6 groups based on the main element of their demons, and a battle royal is fought between each group to see who will come out on top. Hunters who win are given a special charm that allows them to access the Battle Hotel, a very expensive hotel where each floor is, essentially, a penthouse. As well, winners usually receive prize money and lots of fans, making them celebrities.

The Battle Hotel is an upscale hotel where lots of hunters aim to live. They say that those that manage to get inside are either filthy rich, or have managed to win the Once a year tournament which gives them access to one of the higher rooms provided as a gift by the Council of Humanity. 

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